The Indian accent Ella and myriam

India is a country in South Asia, It is the seventh-largest country by area and the second-most popular country.

Why does this place speak English?

Indian people speak English because India was a British colony for 200 years and British models of schooling were introduced on a large scale.

After independence, the education system carried on, and English remained the medium of instruction and official communication in India, just as the British had conditioned in through many decades.

How many people are there ? Do they speak another language ?

In actual India, there is 1,252 milliard people. In India, 75% of the population speaks the Indo - Aryan language and 20% speaks the Dravidian language. Other languages belong to Austro Asiatic, sino- Tibetan and Tai-kadai as well.

What is their English accent like?

short [e] becomes lengthened and higher (pen=paenn)

A long vowel is followed by “r”, some speakers of Indian English usually use a monophthong instead of diphtong (fear is pronounced [fir])

Indian English often uses strong vowels where other accents would have unstressed syllables or words ( cottage may be pronounced [’kotedg] rather than [’kotigd]

[a:] becomes [a] (class, staff)

Many Indians cannot differentiate the vowel sounds [e] (dress) and[æ] (trap).

Not becomes [nat], dog becomes [dag]

What “lexical” differences are there

→ find examples

→ what is the standard English word for that ?

Are there any grammatical differences ?

Sleep is coming ~~ Feeling sleepy

giving exams ~~ taking/writing/sitting

did you got/thought ~~ ( past words/ incorrect / correct is did you get/thing ) ,

do reading everyday.

forgotten everything.

Use of past participle ~ thoughten/forgotten ( past +en ) … many more

Thank you for paying attention !

Any questions ?


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