Being a Youtuber Valentina HUANG

In this project, I am trying to let player being a Youtuber*. In this environment, we can see there are some eyeballs in the air. This is like the people who is looking at you. When player come closer to the eyeball, each eyeball will say some comments about you. In this case, I choose comments from a Youtuber who named Frank Wolf, he was a famous young Youtuber but he killed himself by cyber violence.

* Youtuber means people who are famous in the Youtube.

In this case, I built eyeball by creating a sphere in the Unity. And I went to the Photoshop to make some mapping pictures. Apply them on the material. Creating a new material for the sphere and play with the tilt to adjust the picture into the best position. Also, I wrote a script apply to the eyeball, that's why the eyeball will rotate individually when you enter the environments.

On Frank Wolf's video website, there are lots of comments showing in the below. Copy those comments and make a new page, using SIRI to read those comments and recorded them. After that, I create a script about collider, it can give each eyeball a comment that once the user come into the collider, the sound I choose will play automatically. In the end, I apply each sound which will play each comment into the script.

After doing that, I also made some motion for some eyeballs. That's why there are some eyeballs jumping up and down. For further idea, I will add more eyeballs with ring nebula and aerolite. Also give each eyeball different speed when they get close to the user.

Resource: Google Image, Unity Assets Store

Software: Unity 3D, Photoshop, Audacity

Advance VR Project


In my final project, I was trying to make a Virtual Reality environment which looks like a galaxy. In this environment, user will see lots of eyeballs, nebula, meteorites, etc. These objects have their own motion. Just like the real space, the real heavenly body move with the orbit. Also, each eyeball will have different speed by some cases. However, every eyeball is always facing to the player just like watching you. Each asteroid rotates by itself.


User can interact with these objects. Once user come close to the object, these objects will play audio louder, same as meteorites. The eyeballs will change speed if the user get close enough, the speed will be faster. But if the distance define the user is far away from the eyeball, the eyeball will move slowly in a range. How to know which range of the orbit is depended by user direction. It means the speed of eyeball is decided by user.


When user is walking around in the environment, the space will be filled by small volume sounds that sounds like you are surrounded by many people. Another sounds are really important, they are comments that I pick up from Internet. The distance will turn up or turn down the audio trigger.


The user will always carry the brightest lighting. The space will also have lighting to make objects visible, but in low quality. It means the user like a candle, they should walk around to see what things happen in the space.


In this project, user only can fly instead of walking around. It will make user feel more immersive in the space.


For flying, I used the third person controller, related with main camera. By pressing "E", user will fly to the space, with initial keyboard setting to control direction. Making each eyeball face to the player has a challenge. Set the player as target, I also rotated eyeballs, made them look at the user first. And then, I made an empty parent for each eyeball, adjusted the position. So that in the scene, eyeball wouldn't rotate by the wrong axis. The other script I created by myself is combining distance command and orbit command. Using orbit command to make eyeballs rotate by the orbit. Inside the orbit script, I set the position between player with eyeball equal to distance. Once distance less than a value( I can change it), it will change the volume of the audio.

Resource & Software:

Unity 3D Community, Unity 3D Assets Store, Youtube, Sketchfab. Photoshop, Maya, Unity 3D, Sketch up, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Zoom Recorder, Apple SIRI.

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Zhecong Huang

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