Instructional Technology Newsletter November 2017

Fall Focus

With November at hand, I'm sure we've gotten to know our students and established routines for the year. There are probably some new apps we have tried and found some go-to resources that we consistently use. It is my hope with this newsletter you will see how some of your colleagues have been using technology to support instruction and begin to think about ways to maximize some programs you may already be using. The SAMR model is a great way to evaluate how you are using technology in your classroom and to find ways to move instruction forward.

How teachers are using technology within PDSD

Video modeling within Physical Education

Digital Story Telling in Science

Jenn Maiale & Cherie Freeman - 7th Grade Science

In 7th grade science, we introduce our Cell Biology and Disease unit with a Disease Research Project. Since this is our students’ first exposure to both cells and infectious diseases, we want to hook them from the very beginning with a project that is both informative and engaging.

In this project, students research one infectious disease and use digital storyboarding to create a Public Service Announcement about it. While the topic is engaging for students, the digital storyboard provides them a unique platform with which to communicate their research. Students love using the digital storyboard format and are actively engaged while creating the project.

They can choose backgrounds, create characters, and add props to communicate a message in a way that showcases both the knowledge they’ve learned and their creativity. In addition, using digital storyboarding makes the project accessible to all students, regardless of artistic ability. While there are several digital storyboarding websites, we find storyboardthat.com to be best suited to our purposes.

Example of student work

Communicating with parents using Google Forms

While Google Forms is an extremely effective tool for formative assessment or surveying students or staff, Mrs. Keefer has found another interesting way to leverage this tool.

"I use Google Forms for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Parents can fill out a form before the conference for any specific concerns or topics they would like to discuss. Afterwards, it is also used as a form of feedback."

-Jaime Keefer, 5th Grade Teacher, Coebourn Elementary

I am confident this is simply the tip of iceberg of how teachers are using technology within PDSD. Please share what you are doing in your classroom to support, inspire, and encourage others with technology (no trick, tip, or app is too small). It can be a simple quote about how you are using an app, a short blurb, or we can collaborate to create video to capture how technology is enhancing instruction. A tremendous thank you to John, Jenn, Cherie, and Jaime for sharing how they use technology! A Special thanks to Joey DiCamillio and Christa Fazio.

Exploring SAMR

Please click the video below to get additional information about SAMR.

SOar with SAMR and Google apps for Education

Click the button below to discover 45 ways to use GAfE in the classroom

Google Team Drives Can now be enabled for DEPARTMENTS, PLCs, or other groups upon request

Team drives offer the ability for a department, PLC, or grade level to share and store docs and other resources like before, but without a single person retaining ownership of the files. No resources will be lost if someone changes positions and files cannot be deleted or removed by a single owner. A team drive provides confidence that the files you rely on, and are shared with you, will always be there when you need them.

If you are interested in setting up a team drive for your department, team, PLC or other group please contact Cgorniok@pdsd.org x8318.

More about Story Board that

Brief overview of how to create with Story Board That.

Integrating Storyboard that and Google Classroom

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