Popular kids By: rEyes gabardÓn

The expectations for this group are being the most popular kid in the school, they want to everybody talk about them.

You have to look pretty and wear the outfits that the magazines and TV show. You have to think that you are superior than the other kids and don't be nice with them ( you can be mean sometimes) and they expect that you will be the queen for prom.

"They think that they are superior and they think they can do whatever they want, and that they can get away with it."

"When I think of popular kids I think of people with lots of friends, they have more money and kinda mean"

95% of the kids think that Popular kids think they are superior and sometimes they are mean.

The possible disadvantage is that everyone will hate you and you will not have true friends, I mean, the people will be with you because they want to be popular too.

I think that it will be a negatively effect for a person because in a moment of her life, she will feel alone, without friends, and that is sad.

I believe that nobody wants to be alone, that is undesirable.

People might place me in the group of the "internacional kids" because I'm from Spain and they can feel that I'm not American in the way that I do the stuff and I speak English

I think that American people think that we are all the time together because we are like a big family and we spend a lot of time in the dorm

We are a big family because sometimes it's hard live in another country without your family and your friends, and in the dorm we support each other, so we are like brothers and sisters.

I think that if you move to another country and you go an American school (for example) you are going to be in the internacional group, you don't have another option.

I like to be one of the international kids because you don't have to follow expectations, you can be yourself without pressure....

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