Latvia by Gustave

Did you know that the LA 5 Made by karlis Irbitis Was one of the most used fighters in World War II? In Latvia there are city landscapes but there is Farms ,trees, Hills ,grass, and more grass. You should come to Latvia and celebrate midsummer's Eve and more. Visit the Latvian War Museum and see karlis Irbitis Work like the vef 1 16 .

The Latvian War Museum

The Latvian War Museum is a cool tourist place the museum is located in old Riga in the powder tower . It has 25,400 items it was rebuilt several times. It has document weapons photos and more all from Latvian Wars the museum has items from the ninth Century of Latvian history to the 19th century of Latvian history the Latvian war museum is a very interesting place.


Karlis Irbis Is a great playmaker from Latvia born on October 14th 1904 and died on October 13th 1997 he was 93 when he died .One plane he made was the LA 5. It has a speak of 350 kmh.He also made the VEF116 Armed with 2 7.9 mm Browning machine guns, they are both made in World War II, another cool thing that he made was the CL 84 which is the first tilt Wing plane. Karlis Irbitis lots of cool and interesting aircrafts.

Midsummers Eve

In Latvia on June 23rd a holiday takes place called Midsummer's Eve the longest day and the shortest night in Latvia Everyone plays have drinks and listens to music and big big feasts the Latvian Delicacies. They have big big concerts ! They even stay up until dawn. Midsummer's Eve is a big holiday in Latvia you should come.

Now do you think that Latvia is a good place to go for vacation ? The land is beautiful and the food is great. Come for the places you can see, famous people you can learn about and to celebrate the holidays that Latvian celebrate you should come to Latvia!


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