20th Century Science Advancements 5.04 MODERN SCIENCE


Penicillin was important because doctors had an efficient way to treat certain illnesses and infections. It could save lives and get rid of a sickness or infection.

Phones are important because they give you instant access to the police and anyone else. Also, especially now days, they have the ability to save your life.

Cars are important because they can provide transportation to get people places when they need to. Cars are also ready to go in case of an emergency.

Radios are important because they can spread helpful information like the weather or a warning. If you're in a bad mood or just not very upbeat you can play music to brighten your mood.

A plane can be important because they can get you somewhere faster than driving or take you places you can not go by driving. Planes can also transport goods and organs and such for medical purposes.

I put Penicillin first because of how important medicine like this can be and how it revolutionized the medicine we have today. I put the phone second because they could save you life. I put the car third because it is ready for emergencies. I put the radio fourth because it can spread helpful information and put you in a better mood. I put the plane last because it is not necessary for most people, but it can come in handy for transporting people and different goods.

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