Oakfield News Issue 21 15th March 2019

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Reflections from the Head

At Oakfield, mental well-being is as high on the agenda as physical well-being. For us all, however, it is sometimes less obvious or an after-thought and we don’t always know how to develop, protect or manage this aspect of our lives. 6AZ showed us the way this morning with a powerful and imaginative assembly. We are hoping to put some of the key points onto the portal (as requested) or else find another medium to share their fabulous presentation with you.

Some of the key messages, focused of our inner voice, we all have them: how do you see yourself, be kind to yourself, concentrate on positive thoughts and see how these things help develop courage, confidence and boost self-esteem. Another valuable reminder was to step back from the busi-ness all around us and ‘just be' in the moment. Mindfulness may feel like a new or passing fad, but it’s been practiced for thousands of years and at last has the weight of neuroscience and evidenced based study supporting the obvious benefits.

A Super Assembly Thank you: and it echoes what we encourage here every day and is actually the cornerstone of what makes our teaching and learning so successful.

The NSPCC were with us again this week to follow up on last week’s launch and to run workshops with the children. Upper Foundation to Year 6 were running hard laps each day this week in their efforts to raise as much money as possible from their generous sponsors: thanks everyone and well done to the children for all the effort and energy.

The Staff experienced the final CLOUD training session and cyber-security update training on Monday and Pre-Prep were heavily engaged in the final week of 2+ observations. Whilst Upper Foundation were enjoying their Transport Dress-Up day, Year 4 were baking in their ‘Adopt a Chef’ sessions. Lower Foundation had a fun-packed ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, that looked really exciting.

Science Day was outstanding fun and an amazing experience in sound and percussion for Year 1 to Year 6. The Junk Orchestra really fired the children’s creativity and imagination. The Diploma for Year 6 is underway and they met with TFL today for a safety talk and to learn about the network challenges.

On Thursday Miss Walker and I visited Whitgift to learn more about the school, their expectations and the opportunities for our boys. It was a valuable experience for us both and it strengthens our relationship for the future. The OAFs quiz was a huge success on Thursday evening and I am delighted that the Staff allowed the Parents to win! Thanks to Sylvia and the Parents Association, as always, for all their support and hard work throughout the year and especially at events like this.

Another busy and wonderful weeks draws to a close at Oakfield. The children have been brilliant and I truly admire their resilience; we are all inspired by their engagement, commitment and boundless energy. Enjoy the weekend, find some time to step back and ‘just-be’.

Happy Red Nose Day everyone

Patrick Gush


Lower Foundation

What a roar-tastic week we have had in Lower Foundation! On Wednesday we had our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ Craft Day. The children were mixed into three different groups and went on four jungle adventures! They visited Miss Stretton for Safari preparation; making camouflaged hats and binoculars. They went to Mrs da Costa for a jungle trek; where they made animal masks and picture scenes of all the animals they had seen so far! They also went to Ms Islam’s Jungle Café to make fantastic animal cupcakes and finally; they visited Mrs Mac to make Bongo Drums for the Jungle party!

Lower Foundation would also like to thank Dr Sarah Leach for her visit on Tuesday. It was really interesting to hear all about being a dentist and how important it is to look after our teeth. The children played a fun game grouping foods that are good and not good for our teeth. They met Alan the Alligator and learnt that they must brush their teeth twice a day, for two minutes, moving in a circular motion.

Upper Foundation

A Visit From the Dentist

We also enjoyed a talk from Dennis the Dentist, Jayson’s dad – who told us all about his role and showed us a range of equipment he uses to examine his patients. The children learned about the importance of a healthy diet and how often they should visit the dentist. Thank you for the lovely dental packs for each of our children!

Terrific Transport Day!

Well done to all of the children who took part in our Terrific Transport Day! The children looked fantastic; and took part in a range of activities in all Upper Foundation classrooms. They enjoyed working with new friends from other classes, enjoying a carousel of activities.

Henry: "I’ve come as a pilot. I fly planes. I’ve been a pilot for one day. I’m flying to Edinburgh. You put the throttle backwards to go up and forward to go down."

Jayson: “I’m a policeman who arrest baddies. I drive to jail in the police car. He uses handcuffs and a walkie-talkie, he wears a police suit. I like being a policeman because they look cool!”

Arianna: “I'm a doctor. I like being a doctor because one day I'll be a doctor. I can listen to their heart, I can also check in their ear and give them medicine to make them better.”

Georgia: “I'm a fireman. They throw water at the fire. They have to get ready quickly into special clothes because otherwise they could get burnt. I would like to drive a fire engine because red is my mummy’s favourite colour!”

Year 1

In Year 1 this week we have loved experimenting with symmetry! We used our beautiful Bears from our Build-a-Bear trip last week to create a picture. It has been brilliant to see all of Year 1’s artwork and how much fun they had aiming to get the shapes right.

Year 5

Armed with iPads, children in Year 5 have been using the Jig Space App to discover how things work. The App allows you to view and interact with an array of objects and machines such as; a toaster, an eye ball, a human heart and The Solar System – all in 3D! Jig space introduces children to the world of augmented reality (AR) to project the object in front of the viewer, enabling them to zoom in and view the object from different angles. By tapping different parts, information is revealed about the object. Children were very excited to explore this new approach to learning and make the most of Science Day. Why don’t you try it out at home?!

TfL Safety and Citizenship

As part of the Oakfield Diploma, Year 6 had a visit from a representative from Transport for London this morning. We learnt about how to stay safe when travelling using Transport for London, including on buses, the underground and trams. We discussed some of the dangers of travelling alone or without an adult and learnt ways in which we can reduce the risk.

Our visitor also told us about the 11-16 Oyster Zip card which could save as much as £5000 in travel costs during our time in Secondary school!

An Art Curriculum

As I’m sure you would expect, I have long been of the opinion that children learn so much through the process of making art. As a teacher of art, I am privileged to work with children as they learn new skills and experiment with new materials and techniques. When I was at school, we were given direction only to make a picture. There was no instruction as to how to go about making an image and no skills taught save the magic of colour mixing.

At Oakfield, we value the opportunities the creative curriculum provides. Wherever there is a possibility to link the learning, there we are planning interesting learning experiences. But, beyond the topic of the learning, the behaviours for learning are vital to ongoing successes both in education and in life.

I hope you will be able to come along and see Year 3 – 6 work in the Mother’s Day exhibition in the Prep hall on the 3rd of April and maybe even catch some of the art work from the whole school on display in the Dulwich Trader over the next couple of weeks. They are rightly proud of their achievements; they teach me more every day. - Lisa Fidler

Science Day - Mr. Junkman

On Wednesday 13th March, the whole school enjoyed a Science workshop with Mr Junkman!

Upper Foundation made music with recycled materials. The children really enjoyed expressing themselves through music.

Year 1 performing their song!

Year 3 formed their own band to learn about sound vibrations and different materials and had to work as a team to keep different rhythms going all at once. We enjoyed the rubber flip flop tube drums and the balloon mouth horns the most!


The children in Year 5 discovered that when a coffee solution evaporates and condenses the liquid collected is pure clear water, not brown or coffee flavoured.

The children in Year 6 began their clock projects. Hopefully by the end of term everyone will take home a fully functional working clock. Many of them said that the clocks their older siblings made in Year 6 are still working.

Also this week in Science, Year 6 were given the challenge to climb through a piece of A4 and then A5 card. Great fun! (Even Mr Hancock climbed through the A4 card!)


Like a 1970’s attritional FA cup match, the weather played a big part in the Year 4's fixture vs Blackheath on Tuesday. The boys travelled to Blakcheath in the tremendous rain flurry which hit us on Tuesday afternoon, with high hopes and zipped up rain jackets!

Both teams showed amazing character in the ‘not so friendly conditions’ and started very quickly. The A team looked dominant from the get go which saw them go 4-0 up, with Monty getting 2 very good goals, and Lochy capitalising on a great left cross from Leon S by heading it in to the goal. A melee caused the 4th and only a consolation late goal saw Blackheath show some determination. The B team also showed excellent motivation through these torrid conditions, and goals from Dexter and Callum saw them look very equipped in a 2-2 draw.

A true footballing occasion, the boys should be proud!

Mr Lawrence

NSPCC Charity Endurance Run

This week, all of the children from Upper Foundation, all the way up to Year 6 have taken part in the NSPCC Sponsored Fun Run.

Primary Maths Challenge 2018/19

Last November, children in Years 4, 5 and 6 took the Primary Maths Challenge and all received certificates for taking part. Three boys from Year 6 scored highly enough to be invited to take the Bonus Challenge, which took place in February.

This week I was told that all three of the boys had done well enough to get a medal – fantastic news!

Oscar C 6JW – GOLD medal

Daniel O 6AH – SILVER medal

Tom D 6JW – SILVER medal

2375 pupils were invited to take part in the Bonus Round, worldwide and a total of 1496 medals were awarded. The fact that 3 of those medals were awarded to Oakfield makes me very proud indeed.

Congratulation to them, and to all the children that took the challenge. Years 4 and 5 will have another chance next year and I hope that we can continue with this successful run of results.

Anyone who wants to know more, can log on to the website at:

Sarah Chandler, Head of Mathematics

Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

Upcoming Dates:

Monday 18th March:

Year 2 Trip to James Caird

Tuesday 19th March:

Year 6 Trip to CLC

Blissful Parents, Blissful Children Talk (6:00-8:00pm, Prep Hall)

Wednesday 20th March:

Year 3 and 4 Production (Year 3 Parents, Prep Hall)

Year 5 Parent Coffee Morning at St. Dunstan's (Places booked, bus leaving at 9am)

OAFs Committee Meeting (7pm)

Thursday 21st March:

2nd Hand Uniform Sale

Year 3 and 4 Production (Year 4 Parents, Prep Hall)

Friday 22nd March:

3CF Assembly (Prep Hall)

Nursery and Lower Foundation - Cake Bake

Beyond the Oak

Mr Bower is running the London Marathon. He has set himself a personal challenge to get fitter but also to raise money for the charity Dementia Revolution. The Dementia Revolution is a year-long campaign delivered by Alzheimer's Research UK and Alzheimer's Society as Charity of the Year for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of dementia, overthrow old attitudes and power groundbreaking dementia research. It is also a charity close to his heart as he has two family members in the midst of this cruel disease and any money raised will go towards research and supports for carers.


Easter Holiday Club - Ultimate Activity

Ultimate Holiday Activity Club for Upper Foundation to Year 6 open for bookings for the Easter Camp. Click here to book.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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