Dear Families,

The last day of school… the closing of one door and the opening of another. I know these last few weeks haven’t been easy. The situation we are living is unprecedented but as things are slowing down I am convinced that we will grow stronger.

To the parents, I say THANK-YOU for allowing me to be your child's teacher. It was been a wonderful and rewarding year for me.

To my students, I say THANK-YOU! For when I teach, I also learn. This past year we have grown together. A little bit of each of you will always be with me.

I look at you and realize you aren’t the same kids that I welcomed into my classroom a few month ago. You’re all a couple inches taller. You have a different haircut. I think of how you’ve learned: language skill, counting, potty training … and that simultaneously breaks my heart and comforts me.

I hope you always knew that I cared. Of course, I hope that I prepared you for what’s ahead. I hope, more than anything, that I’m the teacher that prepared your heart and helped you to love school.

Today, it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s an adjustment to go from welcoming your face at my classroom door each morning to see you occasionally in a hallway.

I know I am *just* your teacher, but we’ve spent five days a week together for the last months and change is never easy. I hope you’ll remember me. I hope that my classroom was a place that you learned many things and made many friends; I hope it was a place you genuinely like to be. While I’m a little sad to welcome a new group next year instead of continue to know you more, I’ll think of you succeeding where you are. I’ll think of how you’ve grown and how you’ll continue to do so. And I’ll not only think of how much you’ve learned but also how much you’ve taught me as we’ve grown.

Always strive to be the BEST that you can be!


Mrs Tatreaux