A Blast From the Past Tambora Landon Carpenter

Let’s take a look back to April 10th 1815 when Tambora had the biggest eruption ever on Earth. This colossal eruption ended up killing almost 100,000 people. Tambora’s eruption was the biggest volcanic eruption ever recorded because of the major earth processes that had a big effect on earth and the people on it.

Tambora’s famous eruption on April 10th 1815 was the most deadly eruption ever. Tambora was formed by the active subduction zone right beneath it. When plates get subducted under each other volcanoes form. Mt St Helens is a volcano similar to Tambora. It is an active stratovolcano just like Tambora is. Tambora’s eruption was caused by ash building up inside of it and it was having miniature explosions building up to the big one in 1815.

Tambora’s massive eruption had a big effect on earth. The ash from the explosion spread over 20 cubic miles of ash. This caused a “year without summer” in Sumbawa, Indonesia where the volcano is located. All of the ash caused most living things around the volcano to die. Also, the summer after the volcano erupted wasn’t exactly a summer. The temperature had a major decrease because the clouds of ash covered the sun’s rays which prevented heat from entering the atmosphere.

Tambora’s eruption also had a big effect on people. Nearly everyone in the city of Sumbawa died. There were an estimated 90,000 deaths caused by Tambora’s eruption. Nobody could necessarily escape the eruption because the ash spread so rapidly. People in Sumbawa didn’t know when or if Tambora would erupt because it had been grumbling for three years without a big eruption. The people in Sumbawa near the volcano didn’t think it would actually erupt so they didn’t think about building a wall to block lava or evacuate to get away from the eruption. Nowadays, we can infer when a volcano will erupt based on its location or if it has been grumbling and evacuate before the eruption occurs.

Overall, Tambora’s eruption was the biggest, most fatal volcanic eruption ever. It had a big effect on earth and the people on it.

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