Sports Agent BASEBALL&Basketball

Job description

Working with new and young players when entering the draft to build there career. I would be there to give them advice on contracts and to set of meetings and appointments with teams

Education Required

Most agents go to law school it is not required but it helps a lot. Law school is usually 3 years long

Skills needed to accomplish this job

Skills that you need is obviously need to now the sport very well. You need to be likeable because owners and players won't want to work with you. Mostly you need to be determined because lots of time the player will be low in his career and that's a big reason your there to bring him back to the top

Experience Needed

You need to now the sport well. You Need to be able to read and understand contracts which will help you in law school


Agents can make between 12 thousand and 600 thousand per a players contract

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages are that you are flying and driving everywhere and that could be fun for people and not so fun for people. You would be away from your family for long periods of time. It's also very risky because you can rather make low money or very high but it takes time

Why I chose this

I those being a sports Agent because sports is my passion. I now the game I've watched it my whole life.its what I love to do. I could sit in a room and talk sports for hours

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