ROBONAUT 2 An adventure acRoss space

Robonaut 2 was created initially to measure the air quality and clean handrails in space. Robonaut 2 is taking away the human activity of cleaning handrails and measuring air(which can be deadly). The robot is used in the aerospace field and it does tasks that are dangerous for humans. It measures the air quality to tell them what time to go up in space. They use this robot in this field because the robot holds tools and flips switches so it makes it easier for people in space.

Even though the robot is used in the aerospace field, it can be used by surgeons in the BioMedical field. Surgeons usually have technicians who give them tools as they need to perform the surgery, and Robonaut 2 is used in space to hold tools.

Robonaut 2 was sent to space on 24 February, 2011, by NASA on behalf of the United States.

Robonaut 2 was most likely created by coding. The robot can be manipulated by a laptop in space, and by a laptop on earth, however it would be a delay of a couple of seconds.

This Robonaut 2 has over 350 sensors. These are very advanced, and they include custom six-axis load cells in the hands, four cameras behind the visor(two for stereo vision, two for auxiliary), and infrared camera in the mouth area for depth perception, and much more. These sensors get activated when it senses what it is supposed to, and then the Robonaut 2 starts to function. The robot also consists of 42 DOF's(Degree of Freedom's)

Robonaut 2 weighs 330 pounds and measures 3 feet and four inches from waist to head, and 2 feet 7 inches is the shoulder width. This robot is similar to Robonaut, the first one. However, Robonaut 2 is much more advanced and can work at speeds 4 times faster.

The good part of having a Robonaut 2 work as a tool person is that Robonaut 2 is very effiecent and fast, and can move up to 7 feet a second.

However, Robonaut 2 does take breaks every now and then, and sometimes even goes and checks Twitter.

This robot has only affected people in the astronomy field, and has made life easier for them. They could control he robot from Earth and command him to do various jobs.

Robonaut 2 can provide maintenance jobs. People with a certain degree can get paid for maintaining this robot.

This robot could be altered by medical companies to help patients with a certain disease or disorder.

Robonaut 2 thinks from its stomach. All it's sensors and cameras are in its head, so there is space for a computer only in the stomach.

This is a video of Robonaut 2 working!


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