2016 Revival Services Calvary Baptist Church - November 4 - 13, 2016


We are a church of Great Expectations. We invite every individual to exalt God by believing, belonging, behaving, and becoming all that God intended!

In Touch With the Pastor

Pastor France Davis

Greetings my beloved sisters and brothers. Just look how far God has brought us from. We have been a downtown Salt Lake City Christian congregation for 124 years! Four years more than the time God promised his people in Genesis 6: 3. We are not only enjoying life but also the more abundant life. Praise God for His rich blessings. We have come a long way.

Our first and foremost goal has been to meet the spirituals needs of our community with faith in Jesus Christ. While we had some members who departed, the congregation gained some 107 new members. Each Tuesday night and Wednesday noon many of those gathered to grow through Bible study and prayer. The ministers have faithfully preached God’s word from the Bible at each worship service.

Of course, our Christian journey has not been without challenges. During 2015-2016, we have been feeding the hungry and homeless in Pioneer Park and here at the facility. Each Sunday’s numbers have ranged from 370 to 852. Food and clothing boxes have been prepared and distributed for families in need. We have partnered with a mattress manufacturing company to make available more than 600 box springs and mattresses. Thank God for our partners who walk faithfully with us week after week.

While the ministers provide pastoral counseling, we have social workers available for group and individual confidential counseling and life style management. In essence, we have had a great year. God continues to bless our feeble efforts and give us the rewards He has in store. Thank you for joining us in celebration of our 124th Revival and Anniversary. Pray for Dr. L.K. Curry and Dr. Ricky Turner. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

God Bless You

Pastor France A. Davis

November 4 - 13, 2016


Friday, November 4, 2016

Family Fun Night

6:00 pm

Movies, Games, Food and Fun

Dr. Rev. L. K. Curry is the Pastor Emeritus of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Curry was the shepherd of Emmanuel Baptist Church for 30 years. He formerly pastored at St. John Baptist Church, Tulare, California: New Zion Baptist Church, Ogden, Utah and Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Curry holds a B.A. from Denver University, Denver, Colorado: a M.Div. from Berkeley Baptist Divinity School, Berkeley, California and a D. D. from Arkansas Baptist College, Little Rock, Arkansas. He is a board member of the Northern Baptist Seminary, Oakbrook, Illinois and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc: Church Extension Chair, Salem Baptist District Association and past Chaplain of the Cook County Correc- tional Facility, Sheriffs Office and past treasurer of the Baptist General State Convention of Illinois and the Salem District Association. Rev. Curry is married to the former Sis. Verdie L. Robinson; he was married to the late Sis. Dorothy R. Davis for 50 years, they are the parents of 4 children and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Ricky D. Turner was born the sixth of ten children raised by his late beloved mother Mrs. Luvera Agnew. He and his siblings were raised by a God fearing mother who was guided by faith and who instilled in them to trust and believe in God. Dr. Turner accepted his call to the ministry in 1984 and was licensed and ordained under the pastorate of the late Dr. A. G. Woodberry, Pastor of Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK. Pastor Turner later relocated his family to Kansas City and soon after was appointed as Pastor of the Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church in 1998. The membership of Oak Ridge has grown into one of the largest churches in the Kansas City area through his exciting preaching and teaching of God’s word. Pastor Turner led the church in establishing the Wallace L. Downs Scholarship Ministry in honor of the former pastor and established a church funded summer program “Lift Them Up” which has flourished into the Oak Ridge Youth Development Corporation, one of the largest operating Freedom Schools in the country. Dr. Turner holds numerous degrees: an Associate in Human Services, BA in Finance and Christian Education, MA in Biblical Studies and Doctor of Ministry. He was also privileged to have studied at the prestigious Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Pastor Turner serves on numerous Boards in various leadership positions and is currently the Treasurer of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Dr. Turner is the husband of Sis. Tinalisa and they are the proud parents of Austin, Shilicia and Addision.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

7:00 PM



November 7-11, 2016

7:00 pm

Order of Service

Call to Worship...........................Pulpit

Devotion & Testimony...........Auxiliary in Charge

Welcome.............Auxiliary in Charge

  • Monday: Deacons & Deaconess
  • Tuesday: Ushers & First Aid
  • Wednesday: Trustees & Laymen
  • Thursday: Choirs
  • Friday: Youth Ministry

Nightly Speaker….“My Calvary in 2 Minutes”

  • Monday: Bro. Darryl Cooper
  • Tuesday: Sis. Patricia Otiede
  • Wednesday: Bro. David Moore
  • Thursday: Bro. Wesley Stinson
  • Friday: Youth Ministry

Offering...............Ushers & Deacons

Introduction of Revivalist...........................Pulpit

Musical Selection...................Calvary Choir

  • Monday: Inspirational Choir
  • Tuesday: Male Chorus
  • Wednesday Praise United
  • Thursday: Chorale
  • Friday: Youth

Sermon......................Dr. L.K. Curry


Remarks ................Pastor France A Davis

Benediction.................Dr L.K.Curry


Sunday, November 13, 2016

3:30 pm

“A Church of Great Expectations: Reaching Our Fullest Potential”

1 Corinthians 12:1-12

Order of Service


Call to Worship.............................Pastor France A. Davis

Devotion.............Deacons & Deaconess


Welcome ................Minister Woodrow & Sis. Diane Lovell

My Calvary in 2 Minutes......Sis. Emma Houston

Historical Perspective...............................Bro. Jackie & Sis. Shauna Robertson


Musical Selection......................................Calvary Combined Choirs


Dance Presentation..................................Principles of Praise Ministry

Memorial Remembrance........................Bro. James & Sis. Sylvia Morris

“The Church Triumphant”...........Pastor & Combined Choirs


Introduction of Guest Speaker...............Pastor France A. Davis

Musical Selection............Calvary Combined Choirs

Anniversary Sermon........Dr. Ricky D. Turner, Pastor

Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS


Invitation to Christian Discipleship.......Pulpit

Announcements & Closing Remarks......Pastor France A. Davis

In Remembrance of....

Sis. Thelma Scott( December 13, 2015), Sis. Belle Smith Cope (January 29, 2016), Sis. Eva Sexton (May 12, 2016), Sis. Marjorie E. Turney (July 5, 2016),
Sis Venida R. Williams, Sr. (August 29, 2016), Sis. Connie Drenker (September 20, 2016)

Our Gold Star Members

We praise God our Heavenly Father and we thank Him, for your continuous faithfulness of fifty-plus years of membership!

  • 1946 Sis. Lula L. Henry 70 years
  • 1948 Sis. Naomi Middleton 68 years
  • 1952 Sis. Elizabeth Cameron 64 years
  • 1953 Sis. Lula Flake 63 years
  • 1954 Sis. Janet Martin 62 years
  • 1958 Sis. Alzie Green 58 years
  • 1961 Sis. Sylvia Morris 55 years
  • 1961 Bro. Donald Nathaniel 55 years
  • 1962 Bro. Wayne Hesleph 54 years

124th Church Revival & Anniversary Committee

Pastor France A. Davis, Sis. Michelle Clayton, Bro. Nate Clayton, Bro. Ron Coleman, Bro. Darryl Cooper, Bro. Robert Daniels, Bro. Gabriel Dorado, Sis. Rem Dorado, Sis. Laura Eady-Popwell, Bro. Jackie Hesleph, Sis. Miki Hesleph, Bro. Wayne Hesleph, Sis. Elizabeth Jackson, Bro. Stanton Johnson, Sis. Lena Jones, Sis. Doriena Lee, Sis. Diane Lovell, Minister Woodrow Lovell, Minister Rob Merrills, Bro. James Morris, Sis. Sylvia Morris, Sis. Joyce Perry, Minister Nate Purvis, Rev. Jay Ragsdale, Sis. Toni Ragsdale, Bro. Jacques Richards, Bro. Jackie Robertson, Rev. Elwood Stewart, Minister Garland Stinson, Sis Bessie Thornton, Bro. Charles Tate, Sis. Cathy Wolfsfeld

Our very special thank you is extended to Pastor Emeritus Dr. Rev. L. K. Curry, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois, Dr. & Sis. Ricky D. Turner, Pastor, Oak Ridge Missionary Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS, and to all visiting churches for sharing in our 124th Church Revival & Anniversary.

Thank you Calvary for your loyal support and dedication.


@Calvary Baptist Church

  • November 25, 2016: Thanksgiving Service at 10:00 am
  • December 17, 2016: Women’s Ministry Christmas Activity at 12:00 pm
  • December 25, 2016: Sunday School Christmas Program at 9:30 am

Need Transportation to an 11:00 am Sunday Service?

Call the Church Office (801 355 1025) on Sunday mornings between 7:45 am and 9:00 am to schedule a Ride to Church.

Our History

1892 Calvary Congregation

1892 - 2016: Look How Far We've Come With the Lord...

By the 1890's, Salt Lake City's small Black population had gained sufficient enough numbers as to encourage the formation and support of independent institutions that provided African-Americans with the opportunity to give greater meaning to their lives. In addressing their spiritual needs, a group of Blacks who identified themselves as the Baptist Prayer Band, met and held worship services in their homes. By 1892, the "Baptist Prayer Band" was duly established as "The Calvary Missionary Baptist Church'' and identified as the "little colored house of worship in the alley:' It was a place where its congregants had in the words of the black abolitionist and politician, John Mercer Langston, "an opportunity to be themselves, think their own convictions, make their own utterances and test their own powers. “

1892: Calvary Baptist Church

In June of 1896, Rev. A. E. Reynolds announced in the "Broad Ax" (a Black newspaper) that a building located in the rear of a white church was available as a place of worship for Black Baptists. January, 1898, Rev. D. Jones arrived in Salt Lake City from Topeka, Kansas to pastor Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. He was replaced in 1901 by Rev. J. W. Washington, an energetic person whose leadership was instrumental in the church's growth during his tenure. On Sunday, June 29, 1902, the pastor and members of the congregation gave an afternoon and evening reception at their new chapel located at 472 East Second South.

In 1911, the Eastside Baptist Church site was purchased by the Calvary congregation from Immanuel Baptist Church.

1911: Calvary Baptist Church

The first services were held on February 5th at the 679 East Third South location. Rev. Allen Newman, pastored the church from 1913 to 1915.

1966: Calvary Baptist Church
TOP ROW: Rev Allen Newman (1912-1914 ), Rev Manasseh Wilkerson (1914-1916 ), Rev Lester Agent (1951-1953 ), BOTTOM ROW: Rev William I Monroe (1954-1967 ), Rev Henry Hudson (1971-1973 ), Rev France A Davis (1974-Present)
1999: Calvary Baptist Church
2001: Walking to the new Church

By the fall of 1995, it was apparent the Church had outgrown the 532 East 700 church site. The membership voted to purchase land and build a larger church. Each member was asked to pledge and give accordingly as the Lord blessed them. In 1996, God blessed us to secure approximately 2 1/2 acres of land and we have constructed a 47,000 square feet church facility here at 1090 South State Street. This has provided the congregation with adequate space for worship, education, community and recreational activities. Our first service was held October 7, 2001 and the official dedication was November 11, 2001.

2016: Calvary Baptist CHurch

With more than 700 members and many more attending, the congregation continues to meet spiritual needs first and foremost while also helping people wherever they hurt. Since everybody is welcomed, our congregation is more and more diverse with a distinct African American style of worship. We lift our voice in praise and trust God to speak to our lives. Last year (2014) Calvary began a Saturday church service in Swahili. In recent years the number of African -born residents have increased especially in Salt Lake City.

Down thru the Years...

Calvary Baptist Church

1090 State Street 📍 Salt Lake City, UT 84111📍 801 355 1025

Rev France A Davis, Pastor

"We love you, and there ain't nothing you can do about it!"
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