You are in a room, all alone. You keep telling yourself that there is nobody in the big dark house. You can feel the sweat coming down your face. Suddenly, you hear something. You get up and go to check what is going on and suddenly, you see a dark huge shadow behind you on the white walls following you. You turn around but you don’t see anybody behind you. You keep walking but you still see the shadow and decide to look back once more. You turn your head behind slowly and that was your last breath you ever took. Do you believe in ghosts? Some people say that ghosts are real but some people say ghosts are not real. According to the, “Only 10% of the world believe in ghosts!” So there are not many people who believe in ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts? You feel ghosts almost every day.


You vibe ghosts

Have you ever had that feeling when you are alone in a room and you feel like somebody is there with you even if you are the only one in the room? Scientists have been researching about this topic and some of them were successful. To this day, there is still nobody who knows why this happens but there is one thing for sure, it happens to all of us. According to,“In 1933, when British explorer Frank Smythe came close to conquering Mount Everest all by himself, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone else was climbing with him. But he was alone, having left his team far behind. Smythe was hallucinating. He even broke off a piece of cake and offered it to his invisible climbing partner.” This proves my point because even a climber who was alone for a long time starts to feel his climbing partner even though he was the only there. So be aware of spirits when you are home alone.


Different timings

Ghosts can show up at anytime and anywhere. Most people think that ghosts only show up at night but according to Matthew Santoro ,“In the 1990s, at exactly 4:30 PM, many people in the coventry University reported seeing a shadowy figure in the room when all of them were working . The figure wasn't a human because when they went outside and tried to check, there was nobody but the could still see the shadow.” This proves my point that ghosts can come at anytime because it was 4.30 in the afternoon at suddenly this incident happens. Ghosts are the souls in your body which escape when you die.” For example, According to Brit lab, “The weight you lose after you die is because the soul in you body escapes.”


Haunted houses

Like I said before, ghosts can appear anywhere but some houses are just unlucky and ghosts appear there a lot of times! We all know those houses as, haunted houses! One of the most famous haunted house is actually the white house! According to wikipedia of Abraham Lincoln, “People who work there have exclaimed to see Abraham Lincoln! He has been seen sitting on his bed and tying up his shoes, lying in bed with a contemplative expression, as well as walking the halls. Abigail Adams has also been seen.”

I claim that ghosts are real. This is important because a lot of people claim to say that ghosts are fake but nobody really knows. This is just my claim and you don’t have to agree with me. Ghosts were humans but after their death, their soul escapes and becomes a ghost. They would not do any harm to you if you don’t do any harm to them. So do you think ghosts are real?


-Matthew Santoro


-Place you’ll

-Creative commons


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