Royal Manor Explores Creekside

Authentic Learning at Creekside

The Royal Manor third grade team partnered with Gahanna Parks and Recreation to provide an authentic learning experience for their students. As a result, teachers recently moved their classrooms and students to Creekside for a day of exploration and discovery.

Two naturalists explored the creek with the students by testing water samples, analyzing rocks common to Ohio creeks and observing creatures that indicate good water quality.

An arborist and horticulturalists led students on an arboretum walk to explore the creek’s tree and plant life. Students cracked open buckeye pods to discover the famous Ohio buckeyes inside, smashed paw paw leaves to explore the pepper smell, and shook the bladderwort seed pod to learn how the pods float to carry the seeds to new growing areas.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources provided the third-grade students with tree and stream fish field guides and wildlife journals to reference their adventures.

The entire Creekside experience will prove invaluable as the students move back into their traditional schools and set up 20-gallon classroom aquariums that will mimic an Ohio creek system.