Tally Nature didn't need an operation to be beautiful. it just was!


It is really dark outside, as always. Uglyville is sad, depressing and glum. I miss Peris, since he turned into a pretty and left I've been alone all the time. Being an ugly isn't easy and being separated into different groups isn't anywhere close to easy.

I decided to make a big choice and visit Peris. Truth is, I was very, very nervous and also I was extremely excited to see him. As soon as I arrived in New Pretty Town I knew Peris had to be somewhere, I mean now he's a pretty and almost every boy looks the same and it'll be really hard to find him. I arrived at the place where he had the party at, I was totally embarrassed because I was the only ugly one there and everyone made fun of me, until Peris came and saved me. He was pretty, I just wanted to stare deep in his eyes and I never wanted to look away


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Ioana Constantin


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