Exercise w/ School by Cole Gaston

Something I was always told by my dad was that exercise/blood flow couples schoolwork hand-in-hand. He always explained that taking a break to get your blood flowing, or playing basketball in between study sessions would increase productivity. I decided to test this by playing basketball before I study for a couple days.

From March 28-30 I played basketball at 2:00 before studying at 4:00.

The first thing I noticed was the added energy I had from the jump. After I finish playing basketball I felt an increased focus when I began studying. It was just like I had thought. The increased blood flow to the brain improved my ability to stay on task and focused on what was in front of me.

Overall, I saw an increase in productivity in the work done after exercise. However, is the sacrifice to work out worth the reduced, but more focused, study that it offers? In order to experience this increased energy while studying, I had to sacrifice two hours when I could also be studying.

In conclusion, I would recommend light exercise before studying/class IF you have the time and there is not something urgent that needs to be done. In all, its a great tool if there is nothing else that you need to be doing.


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