Symphony Jia Liu,2017

If you want to have a great symphony, first every member has to practice 2-6 hours per day for 5-10 years. And they have to rehearse together, use their own portfolio, and follow the conducter. It is like a special force; the only difference is that they have to pay for their own training.

These crazy people use their music to kill each other playing music that others can 't understand with a mysterious smile.

So what are they thinking during the performance?

First Volin

  • 10% Oops, out off tone
  • 20% This segment is so beautiful
  • 20% The pitch is too high
  • 50% Please look at me, LOOK AT ME!!!

Second Volin

  • 20% I am not prepared
  • 30% I am just getting by
  • 50% I am blocked by the first volin


  • 20% Omg, here comes a- four- measure melody
  • 30% Oops, I made a mistake again
  • 50% I am playing an important role


  • 10% This position is difficult
  • 40% Why does the first volin change bowing?
  • 50% This chair is not comfortable

Double base

  • 25% The first volin is good
  • 25% The second volin is good
  • 25% The viola is good
  • 25% The cello is good


  • 5% It is my solo!
  • 45% I am going to have yogurt after this
  • 50% I wish my phone won't fall from the music stand


  • 27% They laugh whenever I blow
  • 33% They laugh whenever I blow
  • 40% They laugh whenever I blow


  • 10% We are out off hands
  • 20% I want tea
  • 20% The conductor is good
  • 50% I am just going to play my phone


  • 20% Which measure is it now?
  • 30% All my strings disappeared
  • 50% I am so pretty
Don't ask me about the piano
They are just narcissistic all The time

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