Southern Region 5A By alejandro, grace, and jack

In the Southern Region, there is Arkansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas

States: Arkansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas

The average temperature in the Southern Region is 50° degrees fahrenheit. I would like to have that weather year round

Average Temperature: 50° F

The average precipitation is 3.25 inches, not too bad

Average Yearly Precipitation: 3.25

The average spring precipitation is 4.65 inches.

Spring Precipitation: 4.65 inches

The average summer precipitation is 2.90 inches. I wish it was like that year round!

Summer Precipitation: 2.90 inches

The average Fall precipitation is 3.7 inches

Fall Precipitation: 3.7 inches

The average Winter precipitation is 1.6 inches. Not such a white christmas after all

Winter Precipitation: 1.60 inches

The average spring temperature is 70°F

Spring: 70° F

The summer temperature is 81° F. I wish that was our winter

Summer: 81° F

The average Fall temperature is 63° F.

Fall: 63° F

The average Winter Temperature is 45° F.

Winter: 16° F

These are some tools to measure climate

Climate is tracked with thermometers, anemometers, rain gauges, and barometers.

The Weather of some of March
The average Temperature's

Common Weather

Thunderstorms are very common in the Southern Region, so bring an umbrella!

Historic Natural Disasters

This is the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. This Hurricane was a category 4! The wind reached up to 145 mph! It killed about 12,000 people, glad I wasn't alive in the 1900's!`````


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