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I am a Barcelona based painter and designer. I've been painting custom art for interior designers, and private clients, whilst also creating my own unique painted pottery, furniture and fabric since 1989. I started my design career in Sarasota, Florida(USA), after studying printed textile design in London (Middlesex 1985-1988) and now I headquarter in Barcelona (Spain) since 2017. Skilled, reliable, imaginative, a great colorist; I can paint it for you. I love creating objects that are part of our everyday use, and which add a sense of enjoyment and playful enrichment to any living space. I am honestly most happy when I know that that my work has brought a smile, and lifted the spirits of myself and my clients.

Directly below you can see an over view of my work. Further down the page please browse through the specific categories of my work: Fabric, Floorcloths, Painted Furniture, Ceramics and Murals. You will also find links to my blog Painting It, facebook Pamdesign page, Pinterest page and online shop. Please contact me at Pamarwede@gmail.com to discuss your project with me. I am PamDesign. I am here to help. Thank you.

Here you see a wide range of projects big and small, patterned, expressive; from naturalistic depictions of plants and animals to expressive free form pattern design, the sheer love of paint and colour. Please continue to browse more specific topics below. Thanks!

I love painting furniture. Its a way to completely transform the environment of a room. Many of us have tired, old, oppressive, loved furniture that can be transformed and given a new life by changing its colour, energy and identity by painting it. I have seen this transformation occur many times, and it really can seem like magic. I typically paint on wooden furniture, but metal surfaces can easily be painted, as well. All work is sealed with a protective finish to ensure durability during normal everyday use. Many of the works you see here are very specific custom projects. I also paint small pieces of furniture in my spare time for the sheer enjoyment of it. These personal pieces are often for sale in my online shop.

Murals are either painted on site, right onto the wall, or in my studio onto canvas, which is later attached to walls, and framed with my custom framing, usually painted half round wooden framing. Of course the benefit of having the work on canvas is that it can be taken down and easily re applied to another wall when circumstances require.

In the photos above you can see a variety of applications of my work including murals painted directly onto walls, doors and ceilings, and onto elevator doors ( always a decorating problem!), murals on canvas attached to walls and framed by my painted framing, and also decorative solutions that include my painted fabric coordinating with a mural, or my canvas foorcloths coordinating with the mural.

My main art school education was in textile design. I studied printed textiles, but soon began painting freehand onto fabric, either in apparent repeat for yardage for upholstery, or painting specific compositions for applications like pillows, or custom designed pieces for shapes of furniture for upholstering or wall hangings. My fabrics are heat set, permanent and hand washable. Every inch is hand painted.

As a natural outcome of my decorative painting work I soon learned to paint and fire my own pottery. It is a process I truly love; the firing adds to my painting work, an outcome I cannot entirely control. This has always yielded a happy outcome for me in terms of fusing pigments and my design and drawing work. My kiln is my partner, and works with me in ways I cannot always predict. I love my kiln.

My pottery is fired to cone 06 and is non toxic, safe for dishwasher, and totally for everyday uses: Please!! I also paint on tiles for large installations like back splashes and individual spot tiles.

Hand painted pottery fired to cone 06, suitable for everyday uses, dishwasher safe. Microwave not recommended.

My pottery work has been an avenue of great personal expression. Its a medium I can indulge for speculative self expression, and I have enjoyed creating and developing a body of work based on purely personal vision since the early 2000s.

Canvas floorcloths are a delightful,expressive, and very practical way to embellish a floor, a design solution that has existed since the 18th century. I have had the privilege of being featured in two very good books about floorlcoths and their history: "The Complete Book Of Floorcloths" and "Floorcloths" both of which tell the long and fascinating story of this decorative item. My floorcloths are durable, flexible. I do not hem the edges, I feel it allows for a smoother finished article. I cut and seal the edges. I am happy with this this approach.

Floorcloths are painted on heavy canvas, and the end result feels and acts a lot like shiny leather. They work great in kitchens , hallways, entrance ways, dining rooms and bathrooms.

gold leafing the chair

the front of the desk

heres a bird

heres the coffee cup and pen and all, trompe l'oeil

back of desk

the chair outside

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