J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar carving By joshua r.

I found the picture and decided to draw the picture black. I like the way the black paint fits with the color and i also traced the outline to make it look and I made the traced the I hat to make it white and the I on the top of Kendricks cap
This is what the Original picture looks like. I was just searching for a K.Dot and Jermaine Cole image and I found this. I was so excited when I found this because its color and the way I shade it in makes me happy.
The machine was going in the right directions and the hair for J.Cole was working perfectly and the I on Kendricks hat looks amazing.
The thing thats makes the carving was going so fast the carving only took four Min so it was very very quick.
The carving was down and I was so happy and I was not expecting the carving to look this good.
Created By
Joshua R

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