Ilse Groothuis Senior Transportplanner


At JapanTKY, we are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends and city trips. We also take inspiration from the people who wear our clothes. Ultimately, we design our clothes for them. Therefore, we would like you to meet some of our muses.

Ilse Groothuis (33), Senior Transport Planner at SUEZ from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Ilse lives with her partner Joost and their son Sebastiaan (1) in Rotterdam.

Ilse studied Business Economics, Management Economics and Law at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and then obtained her master's degree in Urban Port Transport Economics at Erasmus University. "I grew up in Rotterdam and was always fascinated by the ports and wondered what you could do to work there, so I decided to pursue this master's degree".

"I started out as a transport planner at Dijco, a national and international transport company specialising in the collection and distribution of fresh vegetables, fruit and mushrooms and main carrier for The Greenery. I've been working at SUEZ since 2017. Formerly a waste collector, SUEZ nowadays strives to recycle as much waste as possible to use as a raw material for new products, the so-called circular economy.

"By working here, I'm doing my bit. I think it's a noble cause."

"In my position as senior transport planner, I find myself like a linchpin between the team management and the planners. I'm a trouble-shooter, every day consists of a lot of arranging, deciding and reacting quickly so that everyone can do their job properly and on time. It's a real man's world. In my department I am the only woman and of the 150 drivers we manage there are only three female drivers".

"The coming year is going to change a bit, because due to a reorganization my function will be abolished. No, I am not stressed about that, I am rather curious about what it will bring. “

I'm in a phase of my life with a lot of changes.

"I'm in a phase of my life with a lot of changes anyway. A year ago I became a mother to Sebastiaan and currently we are busy preparing the move to our new house. We are in the middle of sorting out the plumbing and the kitchen, quite a challenge because while the tastes of my partner and I are rather close to each other, the details are very different. Little by little everything is coming together nicely though. In any case, the kitchen becomes the centre of the house. Joost loves cooking very much and I always love to eat his creations🙂.”

Who's your Muse/role model?

"I draw inspiration from many different people, it depends on the situation and the kind of inspiration I need at that moment. For example, my manager is a source of inspiration for me, how he handles things, I can learn things from that."

"At the moment though, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin is my muse. She is a mother of four, has her own company (Mom Brain), she works out every day, but she also shows that not everything is rosy in life. She shares her insecurities and missteps in life, yet she is a powerful self-confident woman who just goes on and on. On top of that, I'm learning from her parenting tips in Mom Brain's podcast."

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

What does clothing mean to you?

"With clothes, I can decide what I want to express. If I look neat and tidy, I feel more confident. I don't have a dress code at work, so I might wear jeans with a nice blouse, for example. I think it's a must that clothes are comfortable and are not too tight, because then I don't feel at ease. What I like about the clothing from JapanTKY is the comfort of the soft fabric, it's easy to wear while looking very neat".