DTC #19: Skate Or Die a southern classic picnic followed by a south LA classic.





Southern classic fried chicken enjoyed the only way its meant to.

Head across the street for some classic vibrant deserts.

Work off that dinner in the most classic way possible...on skates.

World on Wheels opened its doors on Halloween 1981, making it the oldest running rink in LA.
Stop 1

a Southern family barbeque

• 7:30pm til 8:15pm •

Passing under the bright neon sign proclaiming the corner as Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is a right of passage for anyone stepping into the neighborhood. The checkered table clothes set the mood for the friendly picnic-esque dinner you’ve gotten yourself into while the glass of lemonade perfectly compliments the dark and white combo platter you’re about to be served. Trade off between bites of perfectly crisp chicken and pieces of fried okra while chatting with the friendly waiter and other folks hanging out. When you’ve felt like you’ve become family you’ll be ready to say “see you next time” and indulge on ice cream treats.

Alternative: Down the street is maybe the best Italian you've never heard of in LA, Pasta Sister's. If that's your vibe go there but beware, the lines can be very long.

Stop 2

out of this world flavors at mateo's ice cream and fruit bar

• 8:15pm til 8:45pm •

After crossing the dark street the vibrant colors of Mateo’s catch your eyes from the far corner of the strip mall. A cornucopia of flavors, bars and vampiros you’ll at first be overwhelmed but after patiently sampling the strangest of flavors you’ll feel like a veteran. After you’ve chosen your frozen poison enjoy them on the bench outside, at a table inside or en route to your next destination…the wheels are waiting for you.

Stop 3

Get rollin!

• 9pm til you can't ride anymore •

Descending into the depths of World on Wheels you’ll first be greeted with a thorough security check before passing under the gigantic skates to find your own wheels. After you’ve tied up those laces skid down the ramp finally popping out onto the glazed wood floor. Talented dancers glide past while novice couples hold hand and shimmy slowly on the interior. Regardless of your skill level a universal theme plays throughout the rink: having fun! This, after all, is what it’s all about.


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