Case Study: The employment relationship at Foxconn China. Group Member: VAlerie, Steven, Kyle, CAITLyn, Atte, CHoi, Dean, Cathelia

1. Why do you think there is unrest at the Foxconn factories in China?

  • Foxconn factories suicides took place in 2010
  • Employees worked for long hours in monotonous and repetitive job.
  • Lack of wages.
  • employees worked overtime without any rest.
  • employees don't know allow to talk during long shift.

2. Discuss the extent to which having a Works council, Trade Union might improve workplace relations

  • work councils
  • A representative who is elected or appointed enter the board and represent the benefits of the employees.
  • however, the greatest value of it is only syboic
  • trade union
  • an organisation whose membership consist of workers and union leaders.
  • independence, united to protect and promote their common benefits
  • choose trade union

3. Consider the discussion of trade unions earlier in the chapter. To what extent does the Foxconn Federation of Labour Unions Committee fit with this description? Give examples in your answers.

  • Working hours
  • health and safety , workers felt generally insecure
  • industrial relations and work interaction
  • compensation and social security insurance

.4. What role, if any, does the press play in pressurising management to improve working conditions?

  • The press can cover the bad case in Foxconn and broadcast the case through news or share the case through social network service such as Facebook or Twitter. As a result, the public would point out the situation and pressure the corporation for a better condition.

5. what might you , as a HR manager do to improve the relationship between workers and management?

  • communication-hold meetings between management of Foxconn and the employees for better relationship
  • Good health- improve the environment of the workplace, Make rule to regulate bad working condition.
  • Raise worker's wage.

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