The Mission + Vision of the propel lab

The Mission

Mission Statement: Building and launching creative entrepreneur women to break the glass ceiling of poverty that restores wealth and prosperity to their families.

This is the mission that we're shooting to the heavens for. We don't stop and won't stop until we see the necessary changes impact families where poverty is abolished and wealth is restored. The structure of family has changed and it isn't quite traditional anymore, we're not complaining but it has, in turn, affected the financial prosperity that a family is supposed to have.

Entrepreneurship, since time began, was always the plan for the family's prosperity and wealth. It's the family unit that builds wealth and maintains it through generations to come. Somewhere along the way, in history and time, those values and that system left us. We desire to see it restored. Women are builders and cultivators and are important pillars to the structure of family.

We desire to be a resource to women so that they can become women of resource. We will help to push women forward into their purpose and destiny, all while restoring wealth and prosperity to their families for generations to come.

The Vision

We have the vision to break the chains of poverty by helping to restore wealth and prosperity within the family. We understand women and mothers are the co-founders in families and it is our job to help in the further development within their business that will, in turn, affect the development and the prosperity of their families.

Who We Serve

Women but we place a heavier focus on Women of Color (Married or Single)

Single Mothers (Diverse Ethnicity)

Ages: 25-45

Highly creative and full of ideas but lacks organization and in need of sound advice.

Desires to create multiple streams of income.

Desires to change their mindset about money and is willing to invest in themselves.

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