Ocean Acidifacation By: SOfia And audrey

What Is Ocean Acidification?

Ocean Acidification is when carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean from the atmosphere

For over 200 years carbon dioxide has been increasing in the atmosphere. The ocean has been absorbing 30% of that.

How did human's contribute?

An increase in greenhouse gases raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing the ocean to absorb more. Carbon dioxide is produced through the use of fossil fuels, solid waste and deforestation.

What are some impacts of the issue?

The increase of ocean acidification has made coral unable to produce strong skeletons. In one hundred years, coral may become extinct. Since coral is at the bottom of the food chain, the loss of this species could extremely decrease the populations of one million species that rely on them

What solutions exist?

Some of the best ways to treat ocean acidification is to establish strict and relevant restrictions. Another way is to educate both the government and the citizens of the affected area. Consuming the right types of fish that are the least harmful can result in less people that get food poisoning. A decrease in activities that increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can stop the ocean from absorbing it. The last way to treat ocean acidification is to use alternative water sources in order to minimize ocean pollution. The best solution is to both educate and establish restrictions. That way people can actively try to prevent ocean acidification and those who are uneducated don't get the chance to make affected areas worse because of the restrictions.

What are some trade-offs?

Some people may disobey the restrictions. They also may choose to not actively participate in treating acidification. Alternate water sources can also be expensive and extremely difficult to access


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