Fort Knox By: Anna Bellcock

Do you think the estimated 4,583 tons of gold bars in Fort Knox are still there? Fort Knox may or may not have gold in it. There have been many news companies that have asked for a tour to show the people that there is or is not gold in Fort Knox. The vaults at Fort Knox are one of the most secure vaults in the world. On and near the base of Fort Knox are three branches of safety and protection. The three branches are an army base right next to it, the guards at the gates, and the National Guard protecting it. Fort Knox is known for their estimated 4,583 tons of gold. Fort Knox and its gold are puzzling tons of people still to this day.

This is what is outside of Fort Knox gates


Many people and researchers in the United States think that Fort Knox is full of gold. One main reason they believe Fort Knox is full of gold is because Fort Knox has so much high tech security. Some of the high tech security are the 22 ton vault doors with the doors being 21 inches deep, the whole building is bomb proof, and it is secured by three branches of protection. The three branches that are there is an army base, police officers, and the National Guard.

This is Fort Knox surrounded by security

The reason Fort Knox will not test the gold for purity is that it would take 400 people working full time for 6 months straight. It would take 15 million dollars to pay all 400 workers. Fort Knox will also not do an audit on the gold because they think the audit will raise more questions than answer them. They believe the banks could also be releasing the very same gold. Fort Knox says that 97% of the deep storage gold was inspected.

If there is gold in Fort Knox there would be about 147.3 million ounces in those secure vaults. The gold in the vaults are supposed to be packed tight in all of the vaults. The government will tell you that there is 5,000 metric tons of gold in the vaults of Fort Knox. Fort Knox is one of the most secure facilities in the world. It also has one of the most secure vaults in the United States. The vaults are made out of 16,000 cubic feet of granite.

The gold in the vault

When The United States won World War II, The US recieved about 20,000 tons of gold. From the war, Fort Knox holds about 4,500 tons of the gold the US won. There are many other places that the United States stores gold.

Many people think since there have been no tours at Fort Knox since 1947 that Fort Knox is lying about the gold. The first tour given to the people of the United States was in 1947. The people that went were mostly news people and some of them had something to do with the government. When they went, there was as much gold as they said there was supposed to be. There was 120 visitors that came to that tour in 1947. Some of the reason they don't do tours anymore could or may be because of honesty and some could be because of the price that it would cost.


Many people in the United States believe that Fort Knox has no gold what so ever. Some people think that they store objects such as the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Holy Crown of Hungary, and tons of Morphine to prepare for the Cold War.

The vaults are empty

People such as Ron Paul and President Donald Trump want to check to see what lies behind those vault doors. They are thinking that some gold has been secretly sold out of Fort Knox. With the price of gold at record highs, Ron Paul wants to be sure that there is gold in Fort Knox. Paul called a congress hearing because he questions if there is gold behind the Fort Knox vaults. At the congress hearing Ron Paul was told that the Gold Reserve has the ability to sell or swap gold with other countries without anyone knowing about it. Many people believe to check our ownership and be fiscally responsible and to find out just what we own and weather it is really there is our right.

Ron Paul wants to audit the purity of the Nation’s 700,000 gold bars held behind the doors of Fort Knox. The main reason they will not say yes to doing a full on audit is because of the expense, not only for the audit but to pay the people working to do it. They say it would take approximately 15 million dollars to conduct an audit. The process of an audit would take thirty minutes by machine and 350,000 man hours. They would have to pay for 400 people working 6 months straight. Just the expense of paying for the workers would be totally outrageous.

They will not even test the gold. Many people have asked for it to be tested and they have denied everything about testing the gold. Why would they deny that if there really is gold in Fort Knox?

They will not test the gold, so it could be fake.

Another reason why people are suspicious about the gold in Fort Knox is because many people have asked for tours in Fort Knox. For example, CNBC asked for a tour of Fort Knox to film the gold. CNBC only has footage from the last time they were aloud to have a tour of Fort Knox. Many news companies have asked for tours to film and they have answered no to them; the last tour was in 1947.


After much research on Fort Knox, I have concluded that I believe that there is gold, but not as much as they say there is. One reason I believe this is, is because if there is not any gold in Fort Knox, then why spend so much money keeping up all of the expensive technology to keep Fort Knox safe? I think that that would be really stupid on their part to keep all of that running when we could be doing something a lot more useful with that money they are spending if there is no gold.

Fort Knox also has three branches of security protection. They have an army base by it, the U.S Mint Officers, police officers, and the National Guard are protecting it. I think it would be useless to pay them if there was absolutely no gold in Fort Knox.

This is all of the high tech security of Fort Knox

Another reason I believe my own theory is because they will not test the purity of the gold. They say it is because of the cost, but I think the reason they will not test it is because they don’t want people to think that we are not one of the richer countries. I also feel like they are making up dumb lies to make people think that there is still the amount shown on television in 1947.

How would our country have payed for anything without that gold? Before we had any real money we had gold, so I think they would have had to use some of it. As the United States we probably have some big things we have to pay for.

Ron Paul and our President Donald Trump don’t think there is gold. I don’t think they will ever be able to find out without going in Fort Knox. Even as the president it possibly could be hard getting in Fort Knox, with all of the security. They have security layered thick surrendering Fort Knox. I don't think you can even get close without getting shot at.

They have denied doing an audit on the gold. Once again there excuse is always because of the expense. Also I think they are not doing it because some people would freak out if we do not have the gold that we say we do.

Fort Knox has denied many requests on tours. The last tour that was given was in 1947; I think the reason why is my theory. They have denied it because they don’t want people to freak out because some of our valuable gold is gone. I think some of it is still in Fort Knox today, but not as much as the signs in the vaults say.

Fort Knox and it’s gold are intriguing millions of people to this day. This is very important to know because if Fort Knox is really bankrupt then the United States could have major issues. These issues include economic destruction, other countries not loaning us money because we won’t be able to pay it back, those other countries might not do any trade with us anymore, and it could get many people worried about what could be in store for the United States. Our numbers in population could drop tremendously because if we aren’t one of the richest countries some people would want to move out. China trades a lot with the United States and if Fort Knox doesn’t have gold then we could have major issues, not only with China but with all countries. After the research I have given you, do you think there is gold in Fort Knox?

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