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Magnesium is a solid, gray, shiny metal that is light and strong. Magnesium is quite reactive because it just needs to get rid of 2 valance electrons to be stable.

Magnesium has the atomic number 12 and is in group 2, period 3. This means that it has 3 electron shells, 2 valance electrons, and 12 protons. It is pretty reactive because of its valance electrons. Magnesium is also highly flammable which is another chemical property.

MgCl2 +Ca(OH)2 yields Mg(OH)2 + CaCl2 is a chemical formula involving magnesium.

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Created with images by James St. John - "Stichtitic serpentinite (Dundas Ultramafic Complex, Cambrian; Stichtite Hill, western Tasmania)"

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