Issac Newtons life From childhood till death

Anderson,Magreat. Issac Newton's Life.Unitque: Harper Collins,2003.

Issac's Childhood

Issac was about 2 years old when he movd in with Grandmother.She always knew he was a unique kid and he would become known one day. As he progressed on in to middle school his grandmother died. His mother was ill so he had to find work he worked all through till highschool then he was able to help his mother.

Issac' Adalecence

LL through his teen life issac was hard after his grandmother died and his mother was ill he had to find work. Issac found a job at an art store through some adult life. Now after his mother died he went off on his own.

Adult life

Issac has went to collage and got a better life he studdied maht and science there. He was now doing his exsperments then he phound a theroy.Now we call him the father of physics.

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