Racing in the Rain soundtrac Danielle mullins

This song is a plot in the story. It is when Enzo dyes or when he reveals he is dying. Enzo looks back at his life as he remembers the faces and places he's seen. Enzo ends up dying in Denny's arms.

This is a conflict in the story. It's man vs. Society, Denny gets arrested for child indagermant. Denny tries to get custody of Zoe from the twins.

This is a characterisation in the story. This song is Denny. Denny has a hard life. His wife died. He was arrested for child indangermant. He had to fight for costudoy for his child because the grandparents don't think he good enough.

This is the theme song. The theme is family. Denny and Enzo will do anything for each other and Zoe. They will always want to be with each other.

This song is one of the symbols in the story. This symbolises the race car, and racing. This song represents life, getting through life, life choices, and destiny.

This song is another symbol in the story. It symbolises the steering wheel. It represents destiny, choices, and journey.


Created with images by photosteve101 - "Music - an art for itself - Headphones and music notes / musical notation system" • Edmund Garman - "Fields Of Green Grass" • matak - "trees woods cloudy" • Dave Williss - "Bird" • Flower's.Lover - "Flowers" • smarko - "car supercar gt" • Ray Sawhill - "Distinguished Steering Wheel"

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