FIFA Federeration International DE Football Association

History Development - created 1904 in paris. First international event held during 1908 olympics. European assiciates only in 1909 until South Africa joined. First World Cup 1930 in Uruguay. 1974 election of Dr Joao havenlange considered Fifa as a means of promotion. Fifa currently has 211 members.

Mission statement - To improve the game of football constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitariban value, particular rly through youth and development programmes. ✅

Objective - The objective of any FIFA development activity is to ultimately improve the football experience of those who wish to play the game. Building the skills and capacities of the individuals responsible for providing this football experience is therefore key to this objective.✅

  • Competition & Finances ✅
  • The guardians of the games (governance of the game)✅
  • Building a better future ❌
  • Developing football for all ✅

Fifa finances

  • Total revenue is $5.7bn
  • 4.8m comes from world cup
  • Operating profit is $338m

World Cup income breakdown

  • Tv rights - 2.4bn
  • Marketing rights 1.6bn
  • Main 6 sponsors pay Fifa $30m a year
  • Tickets $527m
  • Hospitality $184m
  • Branding $107m

FIFA's retained reserves gone from $250m to $1.5bn (BBC)

FIFA Stucture

Key sponsors (Primary) - Addias✅, Coca Cola❌, Emirates✅, Visa✅, Sony✅, Hyundai✅. (£25-50 million)

Key sponsors (Secondary) - McDonald's❌, Budweiser❌, Continental✅.(£10-15 million)

Ethical/Governace For FIFA❌

The independent Ethics Committee is one of FIFA’s judicial bodies. It is primarily responsible for investigating possible infringements of the FIFA Code of Ethics. Since 2012, it has been divided into two separate chambers – the investigatory chamber and the adjudicatory chamber.❌

Ethical/Governace Issues: Qatar spent £117m on 2022 bid compared to England's £20m. Ongoing investigation to where money was spent. Qatars president refuses to comment.

2015, 7 leading executives from Fifa were arrested on charges including fraud, bribery and money laundering.

Agreement between Fifa and Russia to host World Cup 2018 was present before the vote.


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