January Newsletter

"Be." Winter Conference

The Design Team

The design team plans our annual West Coast Winter Conference and this year I got to be a part of it! We’ve been praying and meeting since June. My role was main meeting coordinator. I oversaw minute-to-minute events in main meetings from speakers and creative elements to meeting schedules and transitions.


We asked God to lead us to a theme that would encourage our students and speak to their struggles. After a month, we landed on the theme, “Be.” It’s the idea that as believers in Christ, we are uniquely and individually created by Him and thus can bring every aspect of us to and for God. We just have to “Be.” I love what our three speakers said. One of our speakers is Latina and on staff with InterVarsity. She spoke powerfully and with understanding about standing in solidarity. She urged us as Asian Americans to stand with our brothers and sisters with our voice. For some students, it was their first time they wrestled with this and for others, they’ve been yearning for someone to share this.

Kristy Robinson (left) and Wendy Chen (right) were two of our conference speakers.

Conference Highlights

  • Last school year, I reached out to Bryan, from SF State, but nothing materialized. We reconnected this semester and he came to conference. He said because of Day of Faith, he shared his faith for the first time and it’s something he wants to do more often.
  • Katie got the weekend off and served with me. I loved having her with me. She was a part of the Day of Faith team.
  • Jayme is another student who is a talented rapper. I invited him to perform during a main meeting. He forgot the lyrics to his 2nd song. I asked him, how did you feel about last night? And he said, I forgot my lyrics under pressure, but I’m good because I gave my best to God and that’s what I’ve been learning from our theme, “Be.”

Prayer & Praise

Praise the Lord for...

  • The Spirit moving through our hearts at conference.
  • All the conference stories I’ve heard from students and staff. He is good.
  • His daily abundance.

Please pray for...

  • God to give us more faith, strength, love, and perseverance each day. We’re in a difficult season of life.
  • That our students would continue to process from conference.
  • The Spirit to show us the next steps for our ministry.
Our Day of Faith team gave students different color balloons and each balloon color represents a different statistic, such as "Gospel Presentations" and "New Believers."

Please email us with updates and prayer requests. We'd love to hear from you!


Irwin Nhan & Jessica Fong

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