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In 2720, Earth was in a state of recovery from the nuclear wars that had wiped out a significant amount of the global population. People were in desperate need of a new place to live, because Earth's resources had been exploited and the state of the environment made a healthy lifestyle very rare to achieve. While the whole globe was in an unstable position, recovering from the wars, a group of people with access to the most resources(wealthy owners of valuable land) came to power and began a new system of governing. The government was accepted by the people without question because it had the tools to start the slow re-building process to help improve people's living conditions. The government also bought the Sci-Space company, so people were anticipating the likelihood of moving to planets able to support life. The two planets that earthlings began to live on starting in the year 2724 were the red planet, Asper, and the blue planet, Spero. The government controlled which planet you went to, according to family and partially based on requests. The planets were advertised by the government, which had controlled all of the media since they rose to power in 2720. While the planets were advertised equally, the heads of the government had kept the people from the truth, that the blue planet Spero had conditions much better than the red planet Asper. While Spero was beautiful and rich with resources, water was not as easy to find on the hot, dusty lands of Asper, where the atmosphere was not as forgiving. The government depended on Spero's resources to maintain its power on Earth, and therefore didn't want the blue planet overpopulated. As a result, the majority of earthlings were granted acceptance to the red planet Asper but not to Spero. Clips from the short, almost identical government-made advertisements of the planets are linked below. The ads did not state what the living conditions would be like, and it can be noticed that travel between Asper and Spero was illegal.

From Earth to the New Planets, Asper and Spero

Incubation Stage

Political Cause

The government that rose to power in 2720, when was Earth was unstable, set in place many laws putting restrictions on earthlings. Media traveling between the three planets was controlled, and the government put heavy prices on space travel. Almost everyone wanted to leave Earth, but most couldn't afford to travel. People were allowed to live on the new planets if they had family there, or gave another reason that was accepted by the government. The government was dependent on making a profit off of the blue planet Spero's resources, to maintain their power on Earth and govern the people effectively. The public was unaware of this, and 75% of people who could start life on a new planet were sent to the red planet Asper.

Economic Cause

With the resources on Earth exploited and the environment in despair, the government was desperately in need of resources. Harvesting resources from the blue planet helped the bankrupt government to begin tightening their control. The government wanted to keep people on Earth and Asper from discovering the riches of Spero. New space technology from the Sci-Space company was coming out rapidly, and the government increased prices on space travel to limit the number of people who would leave Earth. High travel prices led to an event of illegal travel, which is considered to have sparked the 3013 Revolution.

Social Cause

Injustice was felt by the earthlings who were poor, because they did not have the money to leave Earth for a better life. As a result, large social barriers developed between the rich and the poor. Restrictions by the government began to cause unrest in the people after the starting period of recovery from the nuclear wars. People working in the government were distressed, by working to regulate travel and conserve resources, while fearing a revolution. It was very rare, but extended families could end up split between Spero and Asper, which was an issue because travel was not allowed between the two planets, and communication was monitored.

Reality of Asper
Reality of Spero

Symptomatic Stage

The Spark of the Revolution

The 3013 Revolution is considered to have been sparked by a young woman named Skylar Fallon who lived on Spero. Fallon used to work for the Sci-Space company on Spero, which is where she gained her knowledge of space ships. She illegally traveled to Asper in 3013 because she had been separated from her family. On Asper, the desert-like conditions shocked Skylar, and she voiced the differences between the planets to her family. Talk of Asper having unfavorable conditions compared to Spero spread rapidly, and led to several more events of illegal traveling to discover the truth.


All social classes were unhappy, as Earth was still recovering from the wars. People had begun to feel suppressed under the weight of government restrictions that had at first been essential to restore order to Earth, but became too controlling. Fallon's discovery caused the people of Asper to distrust the government on Earth, and feelings of opposition only grew once more people found out the truth. Rebellions broke out, such as the Flight for the Truth in late 3013, where over 1,000 people from Asper illegally traveled to Spero to discover for themselves the differences between the planets. On Spero, people were also angered by the government's deceit. Most of the blue planet's population, however, were more alarmed by what this could mean for their planet. Bitterness formed between the groups, and the main opposing sides of the revolution could be seen as the revolutionaries on Asper and the government on Earth.

Asper - home of the rebels

Government Reaction

The government refused to respond to the call for change, and ended up only trying to tighten its control over populations on all three planets. Prices for space travel skyrocketed, as well as the price of government-provided resources. Poorer earthlings were heavily affected, with 20% of the poor starving due to high prices of food. Most government members had not even realized that what was helping the government recover from its bankruptcy was the exploitation of Spero's resources. This knowledge caused several government members to join with the rebels in wanting to put an end to the injustices. The most well-known of these members was named Ren Scott, who is said to have joined the revolution with the quote,

"We must rise up as a people like a tidal wave, to wash out the burning flames of deceit."

Crisis Stage

Rebels Gain Power

Feeling strong and united, rebels on Asper attended a public speaking known as the Verum Outcry in 3014. The main speaker of the gathering was Aria Alder, who many people looked up to as the leading voice of the rebellion. Alder's views were that the government owed the people on Asper. She said that all people on the red planet should have the right to live on Spero, and receive compensation from Earth's government if they chose to remain on Asper. These impossible demands of the government, which was bankrupt of resources, were nevertheless taken to heart by the people of Asper. Alder gained power as a rebel leader and contacted government officials on Earth to threaten them into listening to the rebel's demands. In response, the government tried to stop the rebels by putting a ban on all demonstrations against the government. Government officials justified the ban by blaming the people for causing unrest and riots, making it impossible for the government to function. The leaderships on all 3 planets began to fight. People on Spero wanted no violence to come to their planet, but their attempts at forming a force field around their planet were unsuccessful. Spero's attempt of forming barriers angered the government on Earth, and only caused people on Asper to want to stake claims on the blue planet. The biggest conflict in leadership, however, was between Earth and Spero. Rebel leaders refused to be silenced and both planets were preparing themselves for the likelihood of a war to break out.

Earth, Spero, and Asper: Planets in Conflict

The Surge

With the prospects of a possible war with Earth looming over citizens of Asper, the people looked for a voice that would strengthen the revolutionaries. A group known as the Surge took charge in 3015, under the authority of its main leader Enzo Quinton. The Surge was a radical group on Asper that gained support from the revolutionaries. Quinton promised to put an end to government restrictions and stop their harvest of Spero's resources. Quinton also stated that if anyone had the right to the blue planet's resources, it was the people of Asper. To punish old leaders, Quinton made it clear that if members of Earth's government were found on the blue or red planets, they would not be welcome.


Later in 3015, the Surge and their supporters went to Earth to force the government to end their restrictions on the people and give in to the Surge's demands. This power advancement led to the government hiring defense forces to protect their main offices. Once Enzo Quinton landed on Earth, he went straight to the government headquarters. Fearing danger, one official from the defense force shot Quinton. This event led to a period of extreme violence between the Surge and Earth's government. Members of the Surge pumped toxic gas into the government's offices, and sought out anyone against the revolution. The government was also openly seeking out revolutionaries, so that mass killings were occurring on both sides. Both members of the government and the Surge resorted to hiding, and catching the other side by surprise when they had the chance. Unexpected killings gave the period of extreme violence the nickname "Hide-and-go-seek."

By 3016, thousands of people had been killed, and both sides just wanted the violence to end. A moderate group created records that would hold people accountable for acts of murder, in order to restore punishment for wrongdoings. This moderate group had fought for neither side in the period of extreme violence, because it consisted of middle-class earthlings who were not associated with the government. People on all sides quickly showed support for the new group, and the rate of violence plummeted.


Under the moderate group, the violence from the crisis stage of the revolution had come to an end. A new system of government was set in place that had bases on all 3 planets. In 3017, representatives from each planet met and discussed a transparency act. Issues that had begun the revolution in the first place were addressed, to prevent further revolutions. The act lifted restrictions on the people, by ensuring a free flow of information and a removal of travel bans. The new government would abide by the same laws as the people, and resource conservation movements gained popularity. Opportunities opened up for the lower class to travel because prices were greatly reduced, and government-provided resources were no longer taxed. The government on Spero agreed to help improve conditions of Earth and Asper, while also protecting their own planet. The systems set in place during the convalescence stage of the 3013 Revolution would lead the way for the Rejuvenation of Earth as we know today.

Positives and Negatives


The "Hide-and-seek" period of the revolution resulted in the deaths of thousands of people on both sides of the revolution. Families and friendships were torn apart from the many losses. Years after the revolution, the ability to forgive was still something people on both sides struggled to achieve. The people who had lived on Asper at the start of the revolution never truly got over the fact that they were believing a lie for their entire life. Many people wondered what quality of life they had missed out on, and this resentment bothered earthlings and people who had lived on Asper for a long time after the revolution.


As a result of the revolution, Earth's government was replaced with a new government that had bases on all 3 planets. The revolution was successful in doing away with restrictions that had denied people basic rights, such as controlled travel and media. New measures were set in place to conserve the blue planet's resources. Overall, the revolution created a more equal and just society. The issues that had begun the revolution were solved in the convalescence stage, so that all classes were satisfied with the results.

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