Christmas Vacation Conner m.

  • Over Christmas break I got to see my Grandpa because I haven't got to see him since before Finals.
  • I missed my cats when I went to my Grandpa's because they are really fun to play with even though I had a bunch of games to play
  • I visited my Grandpa's for Three days and stayed for New Years Eve and New Years.
  • The earliest I woke up at was 6:00 over the Christmas break.
  • The latest I stayed up to was 1:00 A.M.
  • I got a chance to relax more because school is stressful.
  • I watched two series called skylanders Academy and I almost finished Troll hunters the second one.
  • I played games on my brothers and my Xbox I played Kinect Star Wars and I have five other Kinect games.
  • Some of the gifts I received were an Xbox 360, a RC stunt Helicopter, a New T.V. and a RCA DVD game system
  • The best gift I received was an Xbox 360
  • the worst gift was that my mom got fired from her job
  • how do I feel about coming back from Christmas break? I feel both exited and nervous about coming back from Christmas break. I am also not ready for school because I want to play more games.
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