Psychologist Reading club role

"A psychologist is a professional who evaluates and studies behaviour"

Psychologists offer people constructive advice in order for them to take a better path or direction than they are already on. You will do the same for one or more of your characters in the text that you are reading.

How to complete your role:

  1. During reading time place some post-it notes where you feel you may need to offer any characters a piece of advice. If you want to leave this until the end of reading time that is completely fine.
  2. Once reading time is finished offer as much advice as you can to any of the characters in the story. See below for a lost of things you may want to offer advice on
  3. Post all of your wonderful advice on SeeSaw
  • Relationships
  • Decision making
  • Next step to take
  • Who to trust
  • Who to be wary of
  • What they should have done instead
  • Encouragement


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