Homebody Allison bostic

As someone who spends a lot of their time at home, I know the importance of one’s own space. Home is a small part of the world that is completely yours to personalize and let go without judgment. Everything in someone’s home portrays something about them whether it’s the clothes strung on the floor, the book open on the table, or the trinket from a past trip. I wanted to get the chance to photograph people’s homes the way they are from a day to day basis and show a little bit of that person through the things they collect and the way they treat their space. Through this project I also got to know people that were already in my life a lot better.

My inspirations for this project are Simryn Gill, Sophie Calle, Tama Tobias-Macht, and Bogdan Gîrbovan. They all sought out to portray people through their belonging and/or spaces. I used mostly natural lighting and took candid photos of the people in an effort to capture the space and the people as they were.

I would also like to thank Bill, Hannah, Kathnell, and Lou for allowing me to share their homes. I loved hearing the stories attached to their belongings. They were always told with excitement and sentimentality that shows how objects are not merely decorations, but represent memories, comfort, and security.

I hope the photos portray some form of intimacy and comfort.






Through art I wish to gain a little bit more understanding of the complexities of the world around me. It’s a way of expression, a way of showing my view on the world. Through this project I incapsulated a part of the world that would normally not be displayed for other people outside of that space.

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