Amy Bearinger CAS Highlights

Amy Bearinger is a full-time lecturer in the School of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts and the Event Coordinator for the Undergraduate Symposium. The Symposium is a one-day highlight of undergraduate creative and research projects. This year, this annual event had to be canceled in its 40th year due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. In an effort to continue giving students a platform for their work, virtual highlights via social media were created. “We've highlighted one student every day since March 27th, which was supposed to be the day of our event. Being able to highlight over 60 projects has been a pleasure," Amy explained. "As we wrap up the highlights and move on to future event planning, we hope students, faculty, and Symposium supporters continue to appreciate the hard work and dedication of our undergraduates." Other highlights include awarding the William Fennel Faculty Mentor Award to Dr. Aaron Liepman in Biology. The General Education program confirmed that all students who were accepted to present at the Symposium have received LBC6 credit for their efforts. Finally, there is a team working to review scholarship applications. They hope to announce these awards in early summer.

Thank you to Amy Bearinger, Harriet Lindsay, the CAS Dean's Office, and the supportive and motivated staff that are involved in these efforts! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS #UGS40

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