Global Volunteer Day 2018 Synopsys HQ At Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Welcome, welcome.

This photo journal highlights just one of 23 Synopsys Global Volunteer Days taking place around the world in 2018.

HQ was quite proud to work with longtime nonprofit partner, City Year, to help transform Cesar Chavez, a public computer science immersion school in San Jose's Alum Rock Union Elementary District.

Cesar Chavez's Principal does a uniquely amazing job of encouraging parent, community and District commitment to all students and their progress. Synopsys is honored to lend to everyone's ongoing involvement and achievements.

9:30 AM Saturday

September 29, 2018

Principal Villalobos welcomes 475 volunteers to Cesar Chavez
As does the... Principal of Synopsys
This opportunity would be nothing without City Year, and their outstanding (you've got it) Principals.
City Year's Care Force teams prep hard, make solid work fun and house a crew at the school, always there for the students

On your mark...

Get set...


Everyone at Work

And Importantly at Play Too

lovely Synopsoid portraits

The Story of the Biblioburro

The Biblioburro to the left, shown under construction, is modeled after a traveling library that distributes books to patrons from the backs of two donkeys, Alfa and Beto. The program was created in Colombia by Luis Soriano, starting in the late 1990s.

Luis Soriano & his Bibliburro

Soriano became fascinated with reading as a child and obtained a college degree in Spanish literature after studying with a professor who visited his village twice a month. A primary school teacher by profession, Soriano developed his idea after witnessing the imagination and power that reading gave to his students, who had experienced intense conflicts at a young age. Soriano began traveling to communities in Colombia's Caribbean Sea hinterlands with a portable library of 70 books. Through donations, the library expanded to 4,800 volumes and beyond.

Crediting Wikipedia for the copy

The following Monday, the honorees, the Students, returned. Below is just A Bit of what is newly theirs to explore

Thank you again to everyone involved for being a special part of Synopsys, its longstanding history of volunteering and its commitment to a strong future. Let's continue to champion Cesar Chavez, ARUSD and City Year. Call on Community Affairs to keep reaching for all that's possible with our students and the community at large.

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