Defer Intermediate School - Grade 5 Kent State AT&T classroom highlights - week 1

It is a pleasure to welcome Mrs. Gwen Collins and her fifth graders from Defer Intermediate School to Kent State's AT&T Classroom. Over the next two weeks, the class will be exploring several digital tools to support their learning of math concepts related to decimals. Mrs. Collins designed a project-based learning unit (PBL) that will engage the students in using decimal operations to solve a “real-world” challenge. The fifth graders are working in teams on “\Decimal Survivor with each team stranded on a different island. The teams must survive the next two weeks on the island by completing the daily math challenges using various educational technologies.

Earlier this week the teams explored their islands using Google Earth. The students used the Google Earth measurement tool to measure the distance across each island and rank order the islands from smallest to biggest. Some students even measured the distance from their island to Streetsboro!

To build their math skills for the challenge, the students worked with decimal calculations on EdPuzzle, an online platform that offers educational video lessons.

To demonstrate their understanding of decimal operations, the fifth graders created step-by-step video tutorials that they posted on the class’s Padlet wall. Padlet is a free web-based tool that functions as a virtual wall or bulletin board where students can exchange thoughts on a common topic. The posts can include different types of media including text, images, and videos.

Each team is conducting online research on the organisms that live on their island. The teams are using Google Keep to collaborate and share their research findings. Google Keep is a free Google app that functions as digital post-its for note-taking. A student can add thoughts by typing or speaking (when using a mobile devices). Notes can take the form of a narrative or a bullet list and can include images.

While in the AT&T Classroom, the fifth graders are using two types of eWriters to support their digital workflow. Each student has a Boogie Board 8.5 JOT LCD eWriter in their learning space.The Jot 8.5 utilizes liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to provide students with a digital writing tool that looks similar to a notepad or tablet. Students are able to use the Jot easily and quickly to capture ideas, record notes, and express their learning instantaneously without the login/startup, connecting, and charging processes often involved when utilizing other digital devices. Students are able to use the eWriters for all writing tasks including drawing, text writing, and mathematical writing. Students love using the Jots for math calculations and as a creativity tool and productivity tool to support their work on projects and assignments. The class also has access to a standing eWriter in the classroom. The Boogie Board - eBoard has the same reflective, pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display as the Jot to provide a digital writing and drawing platform. The eBoard also offers a save function so that teacher and student work can be saved and uploaded for cloud storage. An accompanying app to the board allows for real-time observation of students and teachers using the board within classroom activities. Both the Boogie Board - eBoard and the Jot are manufactured by Kent Displays, Inc. (KDI) a local company who is a global leader in manufacturing ewriter display technology.

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