TTT HQ v.1 by max el-hag

TTT HQ v.1

The last two years have been like a whirlwind. When people talk about their road through entrepreneurship they often refer to their purpose, their work ethic, their desire to be ‘better,’ etc. For me, it has been more like getting continually slammed in the face with a baseball bat and waking up not comprehending what the hell just happened. Everything that has manifested all stemmed from an idea. A belief that I could do it better, a belief that I could know more, a belief that I could educate the system, a belief that I could help people reach their dreams, and a belief that I could contribute to the lessening of human suffering. I worked tirelessly to accomplish something trying to give myself some sort of feeling that indicated I was in control of the outcomes of my success. In reality, it felt more like the nature of my business/coaching development was subject to the fates, and I have been pulled in a million different directions over the course of just a few short years. This past fall things began to open up in a way I couldn’t have envisioned when I first started this journey. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and people I have in my life. But, as with anyone who has big dreams, we must continue to embrace change and growth. This summer is a year for yet another transition and I’m genuinely excited about the future.

In July, I will be moving to Georgia to build out the first TTT HQ. As many of you know, I have coached Travis Mayer for the past 3 years in his journey through the world of CrossFit. I also coach Marjorie Greene, who is a masters competitor and co-owner of CrossFit Passion with Travis. Their 11,000 square foot facility has a front portion that we are going to convert into our training HQ and a bunch of office space/conference rooms so that our TTT coaches can all be together brainstorming, learning, coaching, and growing. The move is official. Details will be released over the course of the next couple months about how you can visit, how you can work with our coaches in person, and how our TTT clients can come utilize our home base. Looking forward to the things to come in 2015 and beyond!

On a completely different note, good luck to all of the TTT athletes at regionals these next three weekends. The year of coaching was as much of a success as I could have asked for. I try to avoid putting myself in the trap of believing that the only way my coaching was optimal is if the outcome is exactly what the athlete wanted…winning. But, there is too much chaos for that. The athlete must execute on game day, compete against other athletes who are more prepared/talented, content with the selection of workouts that were released, manage their emotions, etc. Everyone I am coaching is better prepared for these weekends than they would have been last year. That is all I can aim to do as a coach, and at this point it feels like an opportunity to share in both the successes and failures of people I truly care about. Even though I know that it is all out of my hands at this point, I want to go out onto the floor and rip the limbs off the other athletes to ensure my athletes success. But, then what would the fun of competition be if not for the uncertainty of the outcome!? I will continue to seek to control the competitive rage and enjoy the ride no matter the outcome.

~ Max

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