The Case Of The Too Hot Apple Cider

OMINOUS- threatening, menacing.

When we were driving I saw these OMINOUS clouds.

CONFOUND- confuse, bewilder.

I was very CONFOUND.

MiSERABLE- uncomfortable, unhappy.

I was very MISERABLE.

GRACIOUS- courteous, sociable.

When she asked for a hug she was very GRACIOUS.

BEAMS- smile

I like to BEAM.

SELF- ASSURANCE-confidence.

I had a lot of SELF-ASSURENCE.

MONITOR- watch, observe.

I was obseveing the bug that was flying around.

EXPOSED- uncover.

I exposed the special dirt from the ground.

INSTALLED- connect, fit.

I installed a new app on my phone.

LOOMING- threaten.

The clouds were very looming.
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