Elizabeth Cady Stanton Hannah KOsmicki

This is Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she was born November 12, 1815 in Johnstown, NY. and died October 26 1902 in New York City, NY. She saw unfair treatment of woman. She felt that something should be done about the woman's rights so she wrote the declaration of sentiments which is a "document signed in 1848 by 68 women and 32 men—100 out of some 300 attendees at the first women's rights convention to be organized by women." this document is also known as the declaration of rights. This document allowed woman to have the same rights as men did. Stanton had a very good education and had attended Troy Female seminary, the nation's first high school for girls. She did not enjoy speaking in public often but when she did she spoke powerfully and motivated many with her words. On July 19, 1848, nearly 300 people, including 40 men attended the convention to help woman's rights. When Stanton helped and worked with the woman's suffrage movement we have become closer and closer to having all rights as men do so we are all treated as we would want to be treated and having an equal world.


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