Trench Warfare Survival Guide Daija Yiengst

The Camouflage would help the people in the Trench Warfare to survive because it would help them hide more .It would also help you survive because if you need to blend in with anything it will be easy to do it than .This also improved the accuracy of rifles and artillery (A British ).
This gas mask would help you to survive in the war because it saves you from breathing in all the gas and bad smells all around you .Another reason why this would help you survive in the war because it covers your face completely from getting injured .This gas mask would also help you survive in war because in it its harder to see you so they wont be able to catch you as well (A British ) .
This first field dressing pack would help you survive in the war because if you would get hurt in the war its first aid to protect you . Another way this would help you in the war is by if you use it than you would be caring for yourself or other people around you that are most likely hurt .This could also keep an injury from getting infected because if you use a bandage out of it than it would cover the wound so nothing can get in it and get it infected (A British ) .
This trench would help to survive in the war because it could help dig into the ground to find somewhere to stay during when your sleeping and not actually fighting .Another way this trench would help is by causing more injuries to the other people that you are against because this tool could probably injure you badly and hurt you .The third way this tool could help you survive during war is because it can sometimes cause more injuries than a bullet can because sometimes the bullet may not even hit you unlike this because this is a handheld object and you could easily hit somebody with it ( A British ).
This mosquito net could help survive during war because it can protect you from bugs and mosquito's biting you .Another way this could help you survive during war is that it helps you have good hygiene more .The third way that this Mosquito net can help you during war is by fighting away all the disieses(A British ).

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