How to play basketball!! By: Samantha Tanner

In basketball there is a lot of rules.You need to know how to pass to your teammates and pass to your team when they are open, like if they are jumping in front of your team then try to pass very high or shoot high. Another rule is always have your back straight and knees crouched down to have a good defense mode. Also donĀ“t pass at the half court try to run up and dribble the ball and shoot it. Those are all the rules you need but there is more fun stuff.

When you are at basketball there are a lot of skills to learn about.One skill is you need to always keep your eyes up all the time so the other team doesnt get the ball away from you.Also have a good angle when you shoot so you make it in and stay in good defense mode. You also have to keep the ball below your knees.Lastly make sure you block the person they tell you to. That is all the skills you have to know.

The equipment you need is very simple but some days it isnt. You always need your basketball team shirt and a pair of sneakers and make sure you grab a water bottle and shorts and bring a sweater if it is cold out. Also you might bring a dufle bag to pack all of your stuff in so you can just carry that instead of carrying it in your arms. Those are the equipment you need for basketball it is not a lot really.

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