Texas Revolution By: Kylee Clayton & Izzy Basler

Key People

  • Santa Anna was a Mexican leader that lead the Mexican Army
  • Stephen F. Austin was and empresarios that brought 300 settler, known as the old three hundred to Texas
  • Coronal William Travis stalled the Mexican Army at the Alamo, so the Texans could gather more volunteers for there army at the Alamo
  • Sam Houston was a hero to the new independent nation of Texas because of his action in the war
(From Left to Right ) Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, William Travis, Santa Anna

Events Leading to Texas Independence

  • Mexican Independence was gained from Spain after Mexicans over threw the there leaders
  • The Battle of Gonzales was cause when the Mexican Army tried to take a cannon from Gonzales, Texas and the Texans mocked, "Come and Take It"
  • The Battle of Alamo was William Travis's idea to stall the Mexicans, so that the Texans could gather more volunteers for there army
  • The Battle of Goliad was a battle were Santa Anna executed over 350 prisoners and other who surrendered
  • In the Battle of San Jacinto Texans captured Santa Anna, as they chanted "Remember the Alamo!! Remember Goliad!!" The Texans then forced him to sign a treaty giving texas its independence

Results of the Texas Revolution

  • Texas helped bring in American Settlers into it because they offered land grants to the settlers. These settlers brought slaves with them.
  • Texas was not annexed into the untied states because its would have enter as a slave state because of all the slaves. This would have upset the delicate balance between slave and free states. The Texans and congress also wanted to annex Texas but Andrew Jackson refused.

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