1980 By Dirt Nasty

Dirt Nasty

2007 | Rap

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I rolled in, stoned as hell — White lines, gold gazelles — Hotel on Sunset — Young hos get undressed — Dirt dick ain't done yet — Insert the clip and get the gun wet


  • Dirt Nasty as an artist is the rap alter-ego of actor Simon Rex.
  • Dirt Nasty the album was released in association with MySpace Records.
  • Simon Rex has also worked as a model & MTV VJ & pornographic actor.


Luke Tatum

Well, what can I say? I was born in 1989. I call myself an "80's kid" when it's convenient! Maybe let's use this song to talk about the so-called cocaine epidemic of the 80's. Gary Webb's truly incredible journalism eventually became the book, "Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion." What is the thrust of this thoroughly-researched book? The CIA is the reason for the popularization of crack cocaine in the United States. Because the drugs are illegal, the prices reached astronomical heights. Because prices were high, they had created a lovely market to fund their arming and training of the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Basically, my takeaway from this song is not libertarianism...just a desire to re-read the book. Be warned, though: it will crush your soul to read it. Enjoy Dirt Nasty overblowing the 80's? Read Dark Alliance? The choice is yours.

Sherry Voluntary

I got a hangover and an STD from listening to this song. A satirical look at the decadent 1980s, it goes through many party life debasements. As I heard it I was thinking about something I often hear, “this is the future that libertarians want.” Although it’s often said in jest, a lot of people really believe that libertarians just want to do drugs and shoot guns and live the life of degenerates. While that may certainly be true for some libertarians, I feel pretty confident in saying it is not the case for most. Libertarianism and libertinism are linked for most people, not only because the words sound similar, but because libertarianism does not tell people how they should live, but rather how they should treat others and their rights. Libertarians recognize that their personal morality does not have bearing on how others should live. People get to make their choices and also take the responsibility for those choices. Bringing us back to the future libertarians actually want. One where people are free to choose to direct their lives in any way they see fit, even if that means others feel it’s wasted.

Nicky P

I’m not sure who exactly suggested this song but I’m personally up for a challenge. Look at that highlighted lyric again. Is that the way you imagine living your life? Are you willing to use force to stop someone else from engaging in that activity? Where does the NAP fit into this? It shouldn’t be hard to conclude that it’s their life (property) to do with as they wish, but let’s complicate things. Is their way of life aggressing on your children whom you choose not to expose to that type of debauchery? Let’s flip it one more level. What if they believe your Puritanism is violating your children’s ability to see all the world offers; are you just brainwashing and indoctrinating them the same as the state you despise? I just got into a big social media exchange over economic theory and socialism. If we’re touting freedom does choice in economic system factor into liberty? Aren’t you free to act and engage as you wish on and with your property? Even if the property is owned by a group? Property rights are the basis of libertarianism...and there-in lies their greatest strength and weakness. This is where Hoppe had some insights because he took culture into account...he also had some fairly crappy ideas but he understood that there are always gonna be people working from different principles. Does libertarianism exclude Islam because of its views on women, do we respect their views. Personally I do not see a kumbaya moment where we all sync to the same inner ideas. But if we teach libertarianism as a respect for property rights we can allow people who would live the dirt nasty lifestyle to be free so long as we can respect each other’s rights to contract & associate with people of like mind. Libertinism or libertarianism the true basis is property rights.

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Nicky P

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