The Venezeulan Protests April 10, 2017

In recent weeks, Venezuela has been plagued with riots and protests which have shaken the country. During a parade to commemorate Venezuela's independence from Spain, President Maduro's ride down the streets of Venezuela was broadcasted on national television. As he was waving to the crowds, the live stream suddenly was cut and minutes later videos were posted on social media of him and his bodyguards having eggs and garbage thrown at them. Ever since April, many Venezuelans have been calling for Maduro's resignation and new election dates. Throughout recent protests there have been three main instances which have caused the most strife among the people and the government.

The first beginning March 29, when the Venezuelan Supreme Court disbanded the Parliament, therefore allowing the other two existing branches to be controlled by President Maduro's United Socialist Party. The people of Venezuela have begun calling this decision an "a coup", meaning an illegal siege of power.

The Venezuelan protests have now become violent. National Guards have begun beating the protesters and air-dropping tear gas from helicopters over crowds. As of now, at least 9 people have died and many others have been severely injured.

The people of Venezuela are now starving. Running on its last 10 billion dollars, the majority of the Venezuelan people are starving. The prices of food have sky rocketed and most Venezuelans can no longer afford basic necessities. Many have to eat from the trash just to get by. Not only are the people starving and unable to afford food, they can no longer afford medicine as well. Public hospitals have begun to fall apart, causing many people to die due to lack of medical attention. Venezuela has now recently contacted the UN asking for help to supply medicine.

In conclusion, the opposition has begun saying the government is now like a dictatorship instead of a democracy. The government has now begun blocking any attempts to overthrow Maduro from power.


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