LOST ! By: Will Andrews

Have you ever lost a part of you? Never to see it again? About 7 years ago my parents were talking about moving. My siblings and I were fine with this because we had moved before, so it was not to big of a deal. We had no idea what was soon to come, and we believed that everything was going to be fine and that there will be no more major changes, but soon we found out we were wrong. Our dog played a big role in our family, his name was Spotty because he had one white spot on his chest. Spotty and I would go on walks and play together in our yard. Spotty would lay and sleep at the end of my bed, like most families dogs.

Anyways, later that year a family friend was looking for a pet dog so my parents figured to give him away because he was a crazy dog. My siblings and I did not believe them because they said things like that before, always lying. But then things seemed to change, I was at school one morning and carried myself through the long, hot, boring day, the clock ticking incredibly slow and I was ready to go home. Once the bell rang, I dashed onto the bus, sweltering from the heat. Once my brother and I got off the bus, we noticed that my mom was not outside as usually.

As I carried on inside and the day went on, my siblings and I began to wonder where our dog was. We began to get worried by the thought of missing our dog. One day when I was in the car I asked my parents, “Where is Spotty?” and then told me “He is on vacation in Texas right now.” I believed them so I thought he was going to come back sooner or later. A couple of weeks passed and then I realized he is not coming back. This lead to me asking my parents for the truth of where Spotty was. They told me the truth, “Will, we gave him away to our friend in Texas, he was too much for this family.”

Spotty was gone, I felt like there was a missing piece inside of me. My siblings and I were crying for so long and had no idea why our parents could do that to us. I had so much hatred towards my parents and did not listen or talk to them for days. I was very disappointed that I had no pet to play with anymore. But later on I realized that my parents gave him away for a good reasons. He was to crazy for a family with kids. He ran into the street, throughout the woods, and into our pond. This caused much trouble for my parents, especially with us kids going crazy. Once we moved and got older our parents got us another dog which made us all happy again. We welcomed him to the family. His name is Stuart.

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