Butterfly Rainforest By Meredith Lilley


When I was younger I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History “ Butterfly Rainforest” and remember absolutely loving it. I was thrilled to go again even at such an older age. The design of the exhibit is appealing to everyone because you’re completely immersed in the butterflies habitats. Your outside under a screen with butterflies flying around you everywhere. The exhibits pathway, plants, birds, and the random butterfly that would land on my arm completely blew me away. Being at the exhibit was much more surreal then if I were to just “hear” about the exhibit. I grew a much bigger appreciation for the natural world being a part of another animals home. Everyone present at the museum was filled with so much happiness just from the gift of mother nature. The simple happiness that the natural world brought everyone was my favorite part about the museum.


Leopold’s views on nature and how we should respect it for more than what we could “gain” from it I largely agree with. Prior to visiting the exhibit, I shared the same thoughts as Leopold, but visiting the exhibit only enhanced these values. Nature should be cared for and not abused. The animals in the exhibit deserve to be treated with “love, respect, and (admiration)” as Leopold would put it. I felt happiness and gratitude for mother nature as I walked through the exhibit. I wanted nothing more but for these animals to be happy and cared for. They brought be so much happiness, and I wanted them to feel the same. The museum allowing the visitors(including myself) to be so close with the animals allowed us to grow a fonder appreciation for the butterflies and a greater respect for them. We were a part of their home. The exhibit definitely reassured me that that I have a duty to respect nature and the earth around us, something all of us our guilty of not doing all the time. We wouldn’t want anyone ruining our homes, so we have no right to do that to theirs.


Being at the exhibit I was able to “step out” of my own life and acknowledge the world around us. I was present in the butterflies home and felt closer to nature even though I go outside everyday. It’s sad that going this exhibit made me remember how important it is to appreciate the Universe and how important it is to take time to relax and rest one’s mind and body. Taking a step back and looking around the natural world can bring us happiness and ultimately connect us to our surroundings and possibly to finding the Good Life.

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