African Kingdoms Judah campbell

Ghana was an ancient African kingdom below the Sahara desert and it consisted of savannahs and grasslands. The people in Ghana practices anamism. Trade was a very big part of the culture in Ghana. The people here traded gold, salt, and slaves with the other territories around. Ghana’s capital was Koumbi Saleh. This is the city where the king lived in. The language in Ghana was soninke. The people of Ghana were very good with iron. The people traded everything with a system called silent barter. Today the people of Ghana farm for a living and live in villages or towns.

Mali was an empire along the west coast of Africa along the nigel river. It was below the Sahara and by the atlantic ocean. The empire was led by Mansa Musa. The empire was split into provinces led by a febra. Mansa Musa took a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca and brought lots of gold. The empire was split into a caste system and the religion was Islam. Today Mali is a democratic state with the religion of Islam.

The ancient Songhai empire was located in West Africa below the Sahara desert. The capital city was Goa. The empire lasted from 1464 to 1591. Sunni Ali founded the Songhai empire. Askia Muhammad was a famous Muslim leader of this empire. There were five provinces and each was led by a governor. Slave trade was a big aspect of the culture and there were judges for everything. The empire eventually fell due to Morocco invasion and rebellion. Today Songhai is located in Niger, which is a republic

The ancient Aksum empire was in eastern Africa along the Red sea. It was a major trade center. The empire traded salt, gold, and ivory. The empire flourished under the rule of king Ezana who was a strong christian and whose people were also christian's. The empire lasted from 400 to 900. Today Aksum is northern Ethiopia, which is a democratic state.

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