Central nervous system

The complex of nerve tissues that controls the activities of the body. Brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral Nervous System

this is the nervous system that includes everything outside of the brain and spinal cord.

Somatic Nervous System

is the part of the peripheral nervous system associated with skeletal muscle voluntary control of body movements.

Autonomic Nervous System

part of the peripheral nervous system that influences the function of internal organs by supplying smooth muscles and glands.


is one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes called the rest and digest system

Sensory Neuron

convert external stimuli from the environment into internal electrical pulses within the nervous system


a neuron that transmits impulses between other neurons, especially as part of a reflex arc.

Motor Neuron

neuron whose cell body is located in the spinal cord and whose axon exists outside the spinal cord to control his mainly muscles and glands

Neuromuscular Junction

is a synapse between a motor neuron and skeletal muscle. This lesson describes the events of synaptic transmission leading to contraction of skeletal muscle.


a drug or chemical that functions in the brain and body as a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells

Norepinephrine and Epinephrine

hormone that is released by the adrenal medulla and by the sympathetic nerves and functions as a neurotransmitter.


a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

White Matter

white matter is bundles of axons that connect multiple pieces of gray matter

Gray Matter

the darker tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting mainly of nerve cell bodies and branching dendrites.

Cerebral Cortex

the outermost layer of the cerebrum that plays an important role in consciousness

Limbic System

a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood.

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